DeSantis Pushes Back Against ‘COVID Authoritarianism’

DeSantis Pushes Back Against ‘COVID Authoritarianism’

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
September 8, 2023

With the announcement that President Joe Biden (D) will be wearing a mask and social distancing again, Republicans are on high alert. Republicans have issued a stark warning that the Biden administration will look to resume mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and a lockdown. In turn, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is pushing back against “COVID authoritarianism”.

In a newly released advertisement, DeSantis takes aim at Dr. Fauci and Biden, warning that both are trying to implement “COVID authoritarianism.”

DeSantis has made it clear that he disagrees with the COVID-19 measures that Fauci and Biden support, and this week, he’s reminding voters of where he stands.

In a social media post, Team DeSantis highlighted that Florida is the only state to place a “ban on state and local lockdowns,” “state and local mask mandates,” “state and local vaccine mandates,” and “gain-of-function research.”

In sharing the advertisement, DeSantis commented that “as Biden’s biomedical state is chomping at the bit to bring back COVID authoritarianism, we will continue to hold the line.”

“As your President, I will usher in a reckoning for those who devised the failed and destructive biomedical policies that caused damage throughout our country, because until there is accountability they will try to do it again.”

During the Republican primary debate, DeSantis criticized President Donald Trump (R) for not being sterner with Fauci’s recommendation to lock down the country. DeSantis commented that, had he been president, he would’ve fired Fauci.

Since being reelected, DeSantis has vowed to rid Florida of mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and vaccine passports, which has drawn the ire of Democrats from across the country like California Governor Gavin Newsome (D). However, these views, DeSantis argues, are what contributes to Florida being the “freest state in the country,” and DeSantis is looking to expand Florida policies to the rest of the country as president.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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