Fried Slams Republicans for Engaging in ‘Civil War’

Fried Slams Republicans for Engaging in ‘Civil War’

“The Republican Party has completely imploded.”

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
August 5, 2023

Florida Democratic Party Chair Nikki Fried (D) continues to affirm that Democrats are prepared to win big in the upcoming election. During an interview with News Nation, Fried chastised the Republican Party for taking part in a ‘civil war’ during a critical period. Because of Republican infighting, Fried assures that voters will back Democrats.

Although Fried remains hopeful over prospective wins in the upcoming 2024 election, statistics show that the odds are against Democrats. In Florida, support for Republicans has significantly grown since the 2020 election. Moreover, in a new presidential poll, President Donald Trump (R) and President Joe Biden (D) are virtually tied.

However, given that Democrats have embarked on a journey of rebranding, Fried assures that voters will ultimately back Democrats because of Republican infighting.

During an interview with News Nation, Fried said that “the Republican Party has completely imploded.”

Thus, voters are “seeing a civil war all throughout our state between legislators siding with Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis and the reality is this is an opportunity for Florida Democrats to hold the line, to fight back, and to show the rest of the nation this is David vs. Goliath, and we know the end of that story.”

“We are going to be fighting back, and the people of this nation are going to be with us,” she assured.

The Florida Democrats Instagram account shared the segment of her interview, captioning the video by saying that “while Florida Republicans are too busy fighting each other in a civil war, Florida Democrats are holding the line.”

Florida has turned redder since President Trump was elected, and in the 2022 midterm election, Floridians overwhelmingly backed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) in his reelection bid.

With both DeSantis and Trump vying for the Republican nomination, Republican voters are split with Trump enlisting most of the Republican support.

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Daniel Molina

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