Wife of Florida GOP Chairman Sent Suspicious Letter from 'Mar-a-Lago'

Wife of Florida GOP Chairman Sent Suspicious Letter from 'Mar-a-Lago'

Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson
July 19, 2023

Florida GOP Chair Christian Ziegler posted an image of a suspicious letter sent to his wife Bridgette with a return address of "MAR-A-LAGO".

"I am leaning towards this NOT being a letter from Mar-a-Lago," posted Ziegler. "Nasty-gram or Anthrax- What was sent to us today by a Lunatic Leftist?"

Ziegler has overseen an unprecedented shift from Democrat to Republican during his tenure as GOP Vice Chairman and Chairman. Florida Republicans now lead Democrats in registrations by over 541,000 voters.

"Last month alone, Florida Republicans gained 45,648 new registrants. Democrats shed 93,744 voters," posted Zeigler yesterday.

The next day, Ziegler says the suspicious letter arrived.

Ziegler and his wife were targeted by Trump-supporting activist Laura Loomer who claimed they were "conspiring to undermine President Trump ahead of the Convention."

"We already know the system is rigged in Florida given the fact that the wives of the Chair and Vice chair of @FloridaGOP are financially benefiting from @RonDeSantis, or in the case of @EvanPower’s wife, she literally is the CFO of @TeamDeSantis’s campaign," Tweeted Loomer earlier this month.

Loomer tweeted last week "No mercy for any DeSimp. You made your bed. Now you're going to sleep in it." DeSimp is a term used by Trump Twitter influencers to describe anyone who promotes or supports Ron DeSantis over Donald Trump for the GOP Nomination for President.

Last weekend at the Turning Point USA Conference in West Palm Beach, Loomer friend Steve Bannon proclaimed, "This is a crusade! This is a holy war against the Deep State!".

Later that day at a nearby rally, Trump supporter and influencer Nick Fuentes proclaimed "Because we are willing to die in the holy war, we will make them die in the holy war."

Chairman Ziegler was sitting front row at the TPUSA event in West Palm Beach when President Trump spoke.

Oh, and this is not the first time Mrs. Ziegler has received questionable mail. Last year, Mrs. Ziegler received a letter from Hell.

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Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson

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