Rubio Encourages Critical Race Theory Bans While Allying With Democrats on COVID Investigations

Rubio Encourages Critical Race Theory Bans While Allying With Democrats on COVID Investigations

Mateo Guillamont
Mateo Guillamont
July 26, 2023

Florida Senator Marco Rubio filed a triad of bills on July 25th, that included legislation covering COVID-19 consequences, Puerto Rican migrant education, and Critical Race Theory (CRT).  

The ACADEMIC Act would compel the US Department of Education and relevant agencies to assess the impact of COVID-19 on school-aged children.  Studies would scan how COVID-related school closures, remote learning, and other socially inhibiting factors decrepitated academic achievement (learning loss); social-emotional well-being; and mental, behavioral, and physical health.   

The consequences of COVID “need to be studied to ensure the future success of American students,” stated Rubio. 

Rubio’s Critical Race Theory Bill embraces a more contentious topic with no Democrat drafting support. Rubio’s legislation seeks to halt the US Department of Education’s financing of Critical Race Theory instruction programs.

Generally, CRT proponents claim the United States’ legal and social structures are irredeemably racist. Rubio alleged CRT “is an outrageous, Marxist teaching that has no place in our schools.”

We will not let Critical Race Theory rewrite and impose a clear bias on history,” promised Rubio. 


Finally, Rubio, coalescing with a bi-partisan coalition including Florida Senator Rick Scott, aims to improve Puerto Rican migrant’s English education resources. 

Rubio’s  Ensuring Linguistic Excellence and Vocational Aptitude by Teaching English (ELEVATE) Act would remand current statutes inaccurately gauging the funds necessary to meet English education demand from Puerto Rican immigrants.    

The ELEVATE act would purportedly appropriately regulate state-funding for Puerto Rican student English courses.  

We will “ensure states receive the federal funding necessary to provide high-quality instruction to students learning English,” explained Rubio.


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Mateo Guillamont

Mateo Guillamont

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