Rubio Demands Sanctions for Iran Supreme Leader and Accomplices in New Bill

Rubio Demands Sanctions for Iran Supreme Leader and Accomplices in New Bill

Mateo Guillamont
Mateo Guillamont
July 28, 2023

Washington, D.C- Florida Senator Marco Rubio and California Senator Alex Padilla have introduced the bi-partisan  Mahsa Amini Human Rights and Security Accountability (MAHSA) Act

The bill would require Congress to ponder the appropriateness of levying direct sanctions on Iran’s top leaders. The state of Iran is forcibly by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. 

Supreme Leader Khamenei’s rule has persisted for over three decades and accumulated a barrage of human rights violations.

Most recently, Khamanei incited social uproar when Masha Hamini, a young college-aged girl, was beaten to death by Iranian officials for flouting the Muslim dress code imposed by Khamanei. 

The occurrence’s social consequences reverberated internationally, and United States House Members submitted the act Rubio has now introduced in the Senate to punish Khamanei’s actions. 

“The Ayatollah’s systematic human rights violations against the Iranian people are barbaric,” explained Rubio. As such, Rubio’s act would “require an annual assessment from POTUS on whether or not sanctions should be imposed against top officials of the oppressive regime in Tehran.


Rubio continued assailing other autocratic-regimes hostile to the US, this time seeking to disrupt US to China investment.  

Rubio proposed an amendment to the annual defense bill that would discontinue Congress’ consent of taxpayer dollar investments into Chinese companies pernicious to national security.

The federal government's $720 billion employee retirement plan allows its members to invest their savings into Chinese Companies. Such companies are on at least nine U.S. government sanctions or watch lists, according to an exclusive analysis for Newsweek by Washington D.C.-based consulting firm Kilo Alpha Strategies.

“I tried to end…our federal retirement system…investing millions in Chinese companies that make weapons designed to kill Americans serving in the military,” stated Rubio. 


Rubio’s amendment was ultimately blocked. 

Rubio’s disdain for American investment in China or partnerships with the same is nothing new. Previously, Rubio has personally admonished American corporate leaders for business practices benefitting China to the detriment of American interests.   

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Mateo Guillamont

Mateo Guillamont

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