RFK Jr. Wants Investigation Into Biden Bribery Claims

“What I’ve tried to do in this campaign is to focus on issues and focus on the values and not focus on ad hominem attacks on people.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
July 25, 2023

Democrats have distanced themselves from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (D) as his presidential campaign continues to garner popularity amongst the Democratic voting base.  It’s no secret that Kennedy has criticized the Democratic Party, but his newest stance is sure to continue distancing him from Democrats. Kennedy is now calling on authorities to investigate President Joe Biden (D) over alleged bribery claims.

During an interview with Fox News, RFK Jr. discussed the ongoing claims regarding President Biden and Hunter Biden. The claims include Hunter Biden accepting $5 million in bribes, which RFK Jr. says are claims that warrant “a real investigation.”

“I think the issues... coming up are worrying enough that we really need a real investigation of what happened,” he said, adding that “the revelations about the, where you had Burisma, which is, you know, a notoriously corrupt company that paid out, apparently, $10 million to Hunter and his dad. If that’s true, then it is really troubling. So, I think that that needs to be investigated.”

Last week, Kennedy. was questioned over the alleged claims, but he refrained from criticizing the president. Now, the presidential hopeful is calling for an investigation, and he joins other presidential candidates like President Donald Trump (R), who have voiced their support for an investigation.

“What I’ve tried to do in this campaign is to focus on issues and focus on the values and not focus on ad hominem attacks on people,” RFK Jr. said, questioning, “Isn’t alleged corruption an issue that voters should be concerned about?”

“I think on every side it’s something that people should be concerned about, but it’s not something that I’m making a spear tip to my campaign,” he concluded.

President Biden has denied any claims that the family accepted money from Burisma, but political pundits still argue that Hunter Biden committed the act.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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