DeSantis Beats Trump in Q2 Fundraising

DeSantis Beats Trump in Q2 Fundraising

DeSantis has raised $6.8 million from Florida residents since he joined the Republican primary on May 24.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
July 17, 2023

Although President Donald Trump (R) has a commanding lead in all of the national public opinion polls, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has bested the competition in fundraising. In the last fundraising quarter, DeSantis outraised both President Trump and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez (R) in Florida.

When compared to both Trump and Suarez, Gov. DeSantis has raised $6.8 million from Florida residents since he joined the Republican primary on May 24. Since April, Trump has raised $1.5 million. Similarly, since joining the race on June 14th, Suerez has raised an estimated $700,000.

The numbers come from documents that were filed over the weekend with the Federal Election Commission. Overall, Governor DeSantis has around $17 million in itemized donations, and more than 40% of it came from Florida residents.

However, even though DeSantis is winning the fundraising game, Trump is still toppling the Republican pool in the race, and his eyes are firmly set on taking out the DeSantis campaign.

While giving the keynote address at the Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, President Trump called on DeSantis to return to Florida to serve his duty as Governor as opposed to running for the White House.

“It is time for Ron DeSanctus to get back here and do the job he was elected to do – be the Governor of Florida,” Trump said, adding that “he’s got to get home and take care of business.”

Trump also grilled DeSantis over the money he’s spending on campaigning for the nomination.

“All the money he is using for a hopeless cause, his election, should be used to support the party winning against Crooked Joe Biden in November 2024,” Trump remarked.

Trump also accused the DeSantis campaign of dividing voters, which DeSantis has not responded to.

In terms of campaign finances, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott (R) has $21 million cash in hand, which is more than what DeSantis has while also being close to Trump.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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