Byron Donalds Fundraises off Feud with DeSantis Over African American Studies Course

Byron Donalds Fundraises off Feud with DeSantis Over African American Studies Course

Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson
July 29, 2023

Congressman Byron Donalds is not letting a bad unprovoked situation go to waste.

After Governor Ron DeSantis hit back at Rep. Donalds, accusing him of siding with Vice President Kamala Harris and promoting "false narratives" about Florida's African American studies curriculum, Rep. Donalds sent out a fundraising email.

In the email, Donalds claims his "unwavering support" for President Trump is the reason he is under attack.

"My unwavering support of President Trump has drawn the ire of the same group of disloyal Republicans that's spending $370 Million to try to stop him in the primary," Donalds said in a fundraising email sent to supporters today.

Twitter was quick to respond to Donalds.

"I was a big supporter @ByronDonalds. No more.. He sided with Kamala to do Trump's bidding," wrote Twitter user @Amandaismylife.

Both Senator Tim Scott and Congressman Byron Donalds have questioned the language in DeSantis's education curriculum, and and DeSantis and his team have accused both men of siding with Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris over a phrase in the new African American Studies curriculum that they claim to endorse the idea of slavery.

DeSantis challenged a reporter on the idea while on the campaign trail.

"Were there beneficial aspects to slavery?" asked a reporter.

"Have you read it?" asked DeSantis to no reply. "But you haven't read it. I'm just making that clear. That makes it very clear about the injustices of slavery in vivid detail. So anyone that actually read that and then listens to Kamala would know that she's lying."

The full course can be read here.

"That particular provision about the skills that was in spite of slavery, not because of. The AP course has made that same point. Other courses have made that same point. Nobody said anything about that," said DeSantis.

"What's crazy to me is I expressed support for the vast majority of the new African American history standards and happened to oppose one sentence that seemed to dignify the skills gained by slaves as a result of their enslavement," said Donalds in response. "Anyone who can't accurately interpret what I said is disingenuous and is desperately attempting to score political points. Just another reason why l'm proud to have endorsed President Donald J. Trump!"

DeSantis's Executive Office  spokesman Jeremy Redfern claimed Donalds statement was hypocritical and pointed to a curriculum on that said almost the exact same thing, yet DeSantis was chastised by Democrats for removing it from the Florida curriculum earlier this year.

"Remember when Florida wouldn’t allow that AP African American Studies course because it focused too much on CRT and not enough on history, and the @WhiteHouse lost its mind? Well, here is one of the standards considered 'essential knowledge'," Tweeted Redfern.

The AP African American Studies course that the the White House deemed essential included the statement, "In addition to agriculture work, enslaved people learned specialized trades and worked as painters, carpenters, tailors, musicians, and healers in the North and South. Once free, African Americans used those skills to provide for themselves and others."

Redfern continued to alleged that the lawmakers were parroting what Harris said,  statin in regard to Donalds and Scott, "I’m not going to forget about everyone that lied about this using White House-approved talking points."

"You’re repeating false talking points pushed by the Biden @WhiteHouse. The federal government has no place in a state’s education curriculum. You can learn something from Dr. Allen, who helped craft the curriculum, or you can continue to follow the unions and \@VP," Tweeted Redfern. "Once again, let’s hear from Dr. Allen, who helped write the new curriculum."

"My great grandfather was lured to this country under fraudulent pretext, only to discover.. that he was another slave," said Dr William P. Allen who helped craft the curriculum. "But he had the pluck to seek out opportunity. And while being seduced by falsehoods, he nevertheless made the commitment to build his family's life in this country. That characteristic. That pluck. That initiative. That resourcefulness was not suffocated by slavery. That's my story. The family that he engendered was a family that indeed became accomplished in many ways. And he himself."


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Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson is a videographer and investigative reporter based in Fort Lauderdale. Chris covers breaking news, and local and state politics, and focuses on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. His work has been cited on Fox News and Epoch Times.

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