AOC Says DeSantis Can’t Beat Trump in 2024 Race

AOC Says DeSantis Can’t Beat Trump in 2024 Race

“He may be trying to win a base, but that base belongs to Donald Trump.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
July 10, 2023

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D) is weighing in on the 2024 Republican primary race. In a new interview, AOC shares that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) doesn’t stand a chance against President Donald Trump (R).

President Trump was the first Republican to announce that he would be challenging President Joe Biden (D) for the White House, and political pundits quickly questioned who would follow suit. Governor DeSantis, after downplaying the idea of him running for months, made his presidential announcements clear this year, but he’s struggled in the polls against Trump. Trump has remained the frontrunner, and though DeSantis is seen as a close second, Trump has dominated the polls against his Republican rivals.

As the Republican pool of candidates continues to widen, lawmakers are now likening the election to the 2016 election, which saw 16 candidates vying for the nomination.

In 2016, political names like Governor Jeb Bush (R) and Secretary Hillary Clinton (R) were seen as frontrunners in the race, but Trump’s campaign quickly knocked down the competition to emerge as the president.

Many are now questioning if the Trump campaign will once again emerge victorious as the Republican nominee, but how will he fare in the general election after having been defeated by Biden in 2020?

To get to the general election, Trump would have to defeat DeSantis and the rest of the Republican field, and this is something AOC believes he would have no problem doing.

However, she also shared that “he may be trying to win a base, but that base belongs to Donald Trump,” AOC said regarding DeSantis’ outreach to voters.

Adding that “the Republican Party is so disorganized,” AOC commented that she doesn’t “see someone that can unite that party even beyond Donald Trump” as Republicans remain split between both Trump and DeSantis.

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Daniel Molina

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