Team Trump Says DeSantis is Tanking in the Polls

Team Trump Says DeSantis is Tanking in the Polls

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
June 21, 2023

Despite Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) expressing disapproval over the charges that President Donald Trump (R) is facing, the Trump Team isn't cutting him some slack. President Trump is largely seen as the frontrunner, but DeSantis is fast approaching. Team Trump is now slamming DeSantis for "tanking in the polls."

In a message to supporters, Team Trump has outlined what they argue is "Ron DeSanctimonious' 2024 political downfall. "One thing is clear: the more people get to know Ron DeSantis, the more they dislike him," the Team asserts.

In a series of infographics, the Team highlights DeSantis' standing in different states as both engage in the campaign trail.

"In Iowa, DeSantis Super PACs have spent over $4.1 million on cable and broadcast television ads since January," the Team explains, but this hasn't resulted in support as "in April, DeSantis trailed President Trump by 7 points - with 30% support in Iowa." "Now, DeSantis has tumbled to 19% in Iowa," the Team added.

The Team goes on to explain that "since Ron DeSanctimonious announced his candidacy, he has wasted over $15 million just so he can drop into nearly single digits."

Since before the 2020 midterm election, Trump has attacked DeSantis, which has resulted in several Florida Republicans endorsing Trump. Trump has attacked DeSantis on the campaign trail and through advertisements, and though many more Republican lawmakers have entered the Republican primary race, Trump has remained firm in directing criticism to DeSantis and President Joe Biden (D).

DeSantis has grown more vocal in criticizing Trump, but he has mostly focused his effort on criticizing California Governor Gavin Newsom (D). This month, DeSantis called on Newsom to stop "pussyfooting" and to finally announce that he was joining the 2024 race.

With the debates scheduled to begin in August, each Republican is vying for their moment to claim the top spot from Trump, but polling among Republicans shows that support for Trump has significantly increased.

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Daniel Molina

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