Investigation on Surfside Building Collapse Shows Shocking Results

Investigation on Surfside Building Collapse Shows Shocking Results

Surfside investigation to take years, but structural failures are already exposed

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
June 16, 2023

South Florida, and the entire state, were shaken up two years ago when the Surfside Beach condo collapsed unexpectedly, killing 98 people.  An investigation has been conducted on the building and more information has been released on the red flags architects could have easily avoided.

Florida and the world reacted to the South Florida building collapse swiftly.  Not only did local as well as state governments contribute to recovery efforts, but the state of Israel as well.  The tragedy brought even President Biden (D) to Miami, which led to an infamous meeting between him and possible 2024 challenger, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

The investigation unveiled that the pool deck has what investigators have called a, "severe strength deficiency."  Looking into the original planning of the building, investigators stated that, "the original design fell well short of construction codes, and also in the construction itself there were improper placement of steel reinforcement. "

CBS News explained in layman's terms that the rods that went through the parking garage to sustain the pool deck, "just were not meant to sustain that much weight."  Additional renovations that were not anticipated when the building was originally planned, added additional weight to these rods, worsening the already grim condition of the building.

In fact, investigators have gone so far as to say that palm trees swaying on the pool deck to due wind over the years would be enough to add to the weakening of the pool deck's structure.

This report comes as a preliminary report that only examined the pool deck of the building.  Surprisingly, the investigation has already demonstrated shocking findings about the integrity of the building.  Investigations of the building as a whole will not be completed for years, but as of now, the pool deck cannot be ruled out as a major contributor to the building's collapse.

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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