Gaetz Slams Pomerantz’s Use of 5th Amendment During Judiciary Hearing

Gaetz Slams Pomerantz’s Use of 5th Amendment During Judiciary Hearing

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
May 13, 2023

This week, former Trump prosecutor Mark Pomerantz underwent a deposition before the House Judiciary Committee. However, he declined to answer several questions, citing the Fifth Amendment and the prosecution's confidentiality. After the hearing, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) commented on his podcast about the deposition, suspecting that Pomerantz would be called back for further questioning.

Pomerantz shared his displeasure with the proceedings, calling it “political theater” that Republicans were putting him through.

During the deposition, Pomerantz voiced his opposition. “What I do not respect is the use of the committee’s subpoena power to compel me to participate in an act of political theater,” he said.

“We are gathered here because Donald Trump’s supporters would like to use these proceedings to attempt to obstruct and undermine the criminal case pending against him, and to harass, intimidate and discredit anyone who investigates or charges him.”

Gaetz shared a clip of his podcast in which he criticizes Pomerantz. Captioning the video, he questioned why Pomerantz needed to invoke the fifth amendment.

“Former Trump prosecutor Mark Pomerantz testified before the House Judiciary Committee today. I asked if he violated President Trump’s constitutional rights – he pled the fifth,” Gaetz wrote.

“I asked if he violated standards of legal ethics – he pled the fifth. I asked if he misused federal funds – he pled the fifth. I asked if he broke any laws during his time with the Manhattan DA – he pled the fifth,” Gaetz added, suspecting the Committee would “be calling Mr. Pomerantz back to compel responses.”

Despite the suspicion from Gaetz and the Committee, Pomerantz maintained during the hearing that he was not responsible for providing answers to the Committee.

“While I am certain I broke no laws, I am not required to answer questions if my answers migt be used against me in a criminal prosecution,” Pomerantz said, adding, “it gives me no joy to invoke my legal rights, but I am glad that the law allows me not to cooperate with this performance of political theater.”

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Daniel Molina

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