The 'Enemy of the American People'

The 'Enemy of the American People'

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
December 20, 2022

He was once considered a rising conservative star in Florida, but now former State Rep. Anthony Sabatini has morphed into what many Republicans call a complete political tool.

By his own admission, he will run for elected office for as long as he wants.

During his congressional run in 2022, where now-Congressman-elect Cory Mills blew him out by 15 points, Sabatini reverted to using ethnic or racial attacks against Mills’s wife in order to try to get an edge in the race.

“This race was nothing short of nasty, and Sabatini, who attacked Mills’ wife by calling her “anti-Christian” and “radical,” showed the world how much of a vile extremist troll Republicans throughout the state already knew he is.”

Sabatini has also announced that he will run for congress again in 2023 when Rep. Daniel Webster retires, so Floridians should not be surprised that Sabatini is out trying to continue promoting himself on the national stage.

Now, Sabatini believes that anyone in the U.S. Congress who votes for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to Speaker of the House is an “enemy” to America.

“Any member of Congress that votes for Kevin McCarthy is an enemy of the American people.”—Anthony Sabatini

Sabatini, like many other conservative-minded Republicans, does not trust Leader McCarthy.

There is validity in what Sabatini says about Leader McCarthy. McCarthy worked against former President Donald Trump when he and former Speaker Paul Ryan ruled the roost in 2018.

Republicans now have the majority in the House, and McCarthy could become Speaker. Rep. Matt Gaetz and a few other conservative lawmakers are adamantly against McCarthy being Speaker, and have vowed not to vote for him.

But are all conservative lawmakers like Reps. Jim Jordan, Byron Donalds, and Kat Cammack, enemies to “the American people” if they vote for McCarthy’s speakership?

All three members of Congress—Donalds, Jordan, and Cammack— have already pledged to vote for McCarthy, as have many more conservative-minded and America First House members.

Also, let’s not forget that former President Donald Trump, who Sabatini says he supports and based his entire congressional campaign on, endorsed McCarthy for Speaker of the House.

McCarthy could very well win the speakership, but he may also lose it if he doesn’t have the necessary 218 votes to win.

Regardless of what happens. Whether McCarthy wins or loses, Sabatini will have to always answer for his apparent tasteless attack against an “anti-Christian”  and “radical” wife and mother of Iraqi descent.

Sabatini has painted himself as an extremist, and has prompted many of his Republican detractors to point to his past wearing of blackface as a red flag.

Sabatini is also said to have left a bad taste in Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s mouth. A few sources told The Floridian that Gov. DeSantis is happy Sabatini lost his race to Mills and is out of the Florida Legislature.

Who is the real "enemy of the American people?"

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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