Rubio Called ‘Number one Champion’ of Everglades

Rubio Called ‘Number one Champion’ of Everglades

“Rubio has spearheaded Everglades restoration efforts throughout his time in the Senate.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
October 10, 2022

Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s (R) reelection campaign continues pushing back against Florida Rep. Val Demings’ (D) political jabs. Though Senator Rubio is polling higher than Demings, the senatorial hopeful has amplified calls for voters to reject Rubio in November. Highlighting his contributions to environmental concerns, his campaign deems Rubio “the number one champion” of the Everglades.

For years, lawmakers have sought to address concerns regarding the Everglades.

In a press release, Rubio’s campaign cites a 2021 New York Times opinion piece, citing Rubio as the Everglades’ “most vigorous champion in the Senate” because of his legislative contributions to addressing environmental concerns.

Such legislative contributions include writing the South Florida Clean Coastal Waters Act, creating the SLITHER Act, supporting the South Florida Ecosystem Enhancement Act, and rallying support in the Senate for the Central Everglades Planning Project, which reduces Lake Okeechobee discharges to coastal communities and improves water supply to the Everglades.

In a statement, the American Conservation Coalition has also provided praise for Senator Rubio’s efforts, saying that he’s “spearheaded a number of actions that have helped to limit the impacts of the state’s algal bloom epidemic,” adding that “throughout his entire tenure in the U.S. Senate, Rubio has been a fierce advocate for Everglades restoration and investment in water infrastructure projects.”

Because of this, his campaign argues, Rubio should be reelected in November.

In a statement, Elizabeth Gregory, the communications director for the Rubio campaign, further praised Rubio’s environmental efforts, commenting that “Rubio has spearheaded Everglades restoration efforts throughout his time in the Senate. It’s because of him that after decades of delay at the federal level, there is finally real progress – and historic levels of funding.”

Gregory added that Senator Rubio “will continue to be the number one champion for the Everglades in the United States Senate.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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