JUICE—Florida Politics' Juicy Read —10.31.2022 — BOO! Democrats on Verge of Election Nightmare— First Lady Casey DeSantis— Rubio, Demings, Mast—More...

JUICE—Florida Politics' Juicy Read —10.31.2022 — BOO! Democrats on Verge of Election Nightmare— First Lady Casey DeSantis— Rubio, Demings, Mast—More...

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Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
October 31, 2022


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Casey DeSantis Juggles Kids, Football Games, and Beats Cancer


What more can we say about First Lady Casey DeSantis?

After beating cancer a few months ago, First Lady DeSantis continues to campaign for Gov. Ron DeSantis, push her charitable causes, flip coins at college football games, and manage to corral three little whippersnappers.

I feel her pain. We too have 3 stinkers and are currently fostering a little boy. Yes, that makes four in the Manjarres household. READ MORE

2024 Cruz Missile Lands in Central Florida,

Senator Ted Cruz was in Central Florida last weekend campaigning for Republican congressional nominees Scotty Moore and Cory Mills.

Considering that Sen. Cruz and I are grand amigos, the good senator invited onto his “Truth and Courage” campaign bus in Geneva, where he held a rally for both Mills and Moore.

We won’t divulge what anyone on the bus spoke about, but it was good catching up with Sen. Cruz to talk about the 2022 midterm elections, family, and his 2024 plans.

Yes, we know what he is doing, but you won’t.

Interestingly enough, Cruz dropped the hammer on Florida’s Biggest Loser, Anthony Sabatini.

Sabatini was clobbered by Mills in the primary and continues to bash Cruz because the Texas senator rightfully endorsed Mills. According to the Cruz campaign, Sabatini was begging for an endorsement even though he was openly saying derogatory things about Cruz.  READ MORE


Rep. Carlos A. Gimenez-During my time as mayor of Miami-Dade, I worked to develop the FPL Clean Water Recovery Center, one of the largest reuse centers in FL. Years later, I am proud to take part in the groundbreaking ceremony, which will deliver clean, reliable energy to our South Florida community.

Rick Scott-Antisemitism will never be tolerated and has no place in the state of Florida or the United States. Hatred against the Jewish community and disgusting displays like yesterday's are unacceptable.

Rep. Anna V. Eskamani -We must continue to call out & condemn anti-semitism. This has NO place in our communities or in Florida. For those who have been directly harmed and traumatized by this, please know I am sending you a virtual hug and am always here for you.

Rep. Matt Gaetz-Any illegal alien who attempts to vote in our elections should be arrested and deported.

Rep. Frederica Wilson-Let’s be clear: Social Security does not contribute a single penny to the deficit. Yet, Republicans want to come take our Social Security and Medicare benefits. And this time they’re plotting to tank our entire economy to get their way.

Rep.Brian Mast-First responders leave home every day not knowing if they will come back to their families that night. They put their safety on the line to protect ours. Wishing a speedy recovery to Officer Mazzio. Thank you for serving our community.


Rep. Michael Waltz/ The Floridian

"Casey DeSantis: Flipping Coins and Kicking Cancer" by The Floridian's Jackson Bakich

"Waltz Slams US Military's Priority on Cultural Engineering Over China" by The Floridian's Grayson Bakich—With the midterms closing in, candidates are focusing more on domestic and cultural issues rather than those abroad. While state governments cannot conduct foreign policy, these same domestic and cultural issues are affecting our influence abroad.

"Sabatini Continues Bashing Ted Cruz for Endorsing Cory Mills" by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres—With the midterms closing in, candidates are focusing more on domestic and cultural issues rather than those abroad. While state governments cannot conduct foreign policy, these same domestic and cultural issues are affecting our influence abroad. Most notably, the prevalence of social engineering in the military at the same time China is making aggressive moves towards Taiwan. Recently, Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL-6) appeared on Fox's Mornings with Maria highlighting the incongruence of readiness and priorities between the two powers.

"Scott Calls on FBI to Explain $1 Million Payment to Christopher Steele" by The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—Following the investigation into President Donald Trump (R) and his supposed “Russian collusion,” Republicans did some investigating of their own and found the eventual foul play by Christopher Steele and the infamous Steele Dossier. Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) is now asking the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz why the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) attempted to pay $1 million to Steele.

"Health Insurance Aetna Step it up During Breast Cancer Awareness Month" by The Floridian's Grayson Bakich

"Cammack Responds to Border Crisis Numbers: "Dereliction of Duty" by The Floridian's Grayson Bakich—As the border crisis worsens, the Republican members of the House Homeland Security Committee releases new statistics regarding the crossings. The report shows that the number of migrant encounters has officially passed two million in the fiscal year of 2022, the first time in history. When broken down by month, this translates to 18 months straight with more than 150,000 migrant encounters. It is no wonder, then, that Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL-3) calls this "dereliction of duty" reacting to the tweet in a recent post.

"Eskamani, Book Forget DeSantis Did Credit them for the Diaper Tax Relief Bill" by The Floridian's Grayson Bakich—Since 2017, Florida Senate Minority Leader Lauren Book (D) has made it her mission to implement tax relief on diapers. Back in May, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed this initiative into law, with sales tax on diapers lifted beginning July 1. Additionally, this also covers baby clothes, lasting until June 2023. Despite this, the bill's most prominent cosponsor, Rep. Anna Eskamani (D-42) claims neither she nor Senator Book received credit for the bill in a recent tweet.

"Rick Scott Calls for Mayorkas Resignation Over Border Crisis" by The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—Last weekend, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released the numbers concerning migrant encounters for the month of September (and for the fiscal year, which ended last month). The numbers are significant. Because of these historic numbers, Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) has doubled down and is calling for Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to resign once again over the border crisis.

"Salazar Expresses Concern to Secretary Yellen About Mexican Banking Candidate" by The Floridian's Daniel Molina—Florida Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar (R) has issued a letter to Janet Yellen, the Treasury Secretary. The letter urges by the Biden administration to make sure the United States votes against Alicia Ibarra for President of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB).

"Masvidal Endorses DeSantis in new ad" by The Floridian's Daniel Molina—Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has released a new advertisement featuring professional MMA fighter and Miami-native Jorge Masvidal. In the video, Masvidal endorses DeSantis, outlining why Floridians should reelect the Florida Governor.

"Trump Believes DeSantis 'Can't Take him Down' in 2024" by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres–Former President Donald Trump has just taken another political jab at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis with a video he released on his Truth Social, where the President agrees with Megan Kelly’s assertion that DeSantis can’t beat Trump in 2024.

Rick Scott
Sen. Rick Scott

"Rick Scott Positioned to Become Senate Majority Leader" by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres—With Republicans poised to win control of the U.S. House of Representatives, and possibly the U.S. Senate, could Republicans winning control of the Senate usher in Florida Senator Rick Scott as the new Senate Majority Leader?

"DeSantis Responds to NYC Vaccine Ruling" by The Floridian's Daniel Molina—The New York Supreme Court has announced that workers fired for not taking the COVID-19 vaccination will be rehired. This comes after New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) announced last month that New York City would no longer institute the mandate for private employees beginning November 1st. In response to the announcement, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) delivered a political swipe at the state's vaccine ruling.

"Hospitalized Rubio Canvasser Provides Video, Statement of Attack" by The Floridian's Grayson Bakich—Earlier this week, a campaign canvasser by the name of Christopher Monzon became a victim of a violent altercation. Monzon claims the fight began because he was distributing fliers for Sen. Marco Rubio (R) and Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), thus attacked for his political affiliations. He suffers a broken jaw, internal bleeding, and will require reconstructive surgery due to the severity of his injuries.

"Donalds Discusses a Diversifying GOP's Midterm Prospects by The Floridian's  Daniel Molina—With just under two weeks left, the GOP's ambitions for Congress and governorships continue to be favorable. The issues of economy, inflation, gas prices, and border security are affecting Americans of every stripe, purpling once solidly-blue voting blocs. This, in turn, is diversifying the Republican Party, not just in voters but in candidates running for office. Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL-19) spoke with Fox News' Harris Faulkner about these topics in a recent interview, which Donalds tweeted below.

"DeSantis Crushing Crist by 14 Points in New Poll" by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres

"Elections Officials Grapple with Misinformation, Myths" by News Service of Florida

"Rubio Confident GOP Will ‘Retake Washington’" by The Floridian's Daniel Molina—With election day drawing nearer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) is confident that Democrats will retain the House. However, Republicans are hopeful that they will overtake the House as polls indicate there could be a “red wave” in November. This week, Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) joined Laura Ingraham on the Ingraham Angle to discuss just that. Rubio outlined 3 things Republicans should do if they “retake Washington.”

"Sabatini Fixated on Congress, Continues Paving Road for a Potential Congressional Run" by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres—Days after losing his Republican congressional race by 15 percentage points to Combat Veteran Cory Mills, State Rep. Anthony Sabatini announced that he would be running for Congress again in Florida’s 11th District, where Rep. Daniel Webster is the incumbent legislator.

"Miami Herald Endorses Crist for Governor" by The Floridian's Daniel Molina

"Brian Mast Calls Out Biden for Economic Struggles 2 Weeks Before Midterms" by The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—Yesterday, a CNN article written by Eric Bradner lays out the most important issue on voters’ minds this election cycle: inflation and the economy as a whole. With this in mind, Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) sent out multiple tweets calling out President Joe Biden (D) and the nation’s lackluster economic performance so far during his administration.

"Former Crist Colleagues Endorse DeSantis" by The Floridian's Jackson Bakich

"Ballot Drop Box Security Questioned in Broward County, Florida" by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres—An NBC 6 television news segment on the first day of early voting in Broward County appears to show an unidentified woman, possibly a campaign volunteer or staffer, depositing multiple ballots in one of the remote ballot drop boxes that the Broward Supervisor of Elections, Joe Scott, is responsible for protecting.

"Ron DeSantis 'Donkey Dunks' Charlie Crist During Gubernatorial Debate" by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres—The debate between Gov. Ron DeSantis and Rep. Charlie Crist was all that anyone could hope for, as both men came prepared and ready to brawl. From the onset, Rep. Crist went on the attack. He had to.

"DeSantis and Crist Spar in First and Only Debate" by The Floridian's Daniel Molina

"DeSantis Accuses Crist of Supporting 'Sex-Selective' and 'Dismemberment Abortions'" by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres—During the much-anticipated gubernatorial debate between Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist (D), the issue of abortion took centerstage as Rep. Crist answered just about every question by pivoting back to address abortion.

"Taddeo Shares new ad With Former Salazar Voters" by The Floridian's Daniel Molina—Florida state Senator Annette Taddeo (D) has released a new advertisement, taking a political swipe at Florida Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar (R). In the advertisement, two former Salazar supporters comment on why they’re not voting for Salazar in the upcoming election. Sharing the ad on social media, Taddeo shared that she’s gained their support because she puts “country above party.”

"Gimenez Calls for Natural Gas Production" by The Floridian's Grayson Bakich—The Biden Administration's war on fossil fuels in the name of environmentalism has garnered strong criticism from Republicans. In light of continued emptying of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, the ability of the United States to remain energy independent is of serious concern. Recently, Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R-FL-26) appeared on Fox News' Evening Edit to discuss the balance between American energy independence and environmental integrity.

"Byron Donalds' Solution to Border Crisis: 'VOTE REPUBLICAN'"by The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—In what Fox News reporter Bill Melugin described as a “blatant Friday late night news dump,” the CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection) released their numbers for the month of September, showcasing a record high in migrant encounters for both the month and the fiscal year. Following the data release, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) gave a plea to the nation including his solution to fix the problem.

"Rubio and DeSantis Supporter Attacked in Miami-Dade Needs Facial Reconstructive Surgery" by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres

"DeSantis Appears to Have Clear Advantage Over Crist Among Jewish Voters" by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres—As Gov. Ron DeSantis and former Gov. Charlie Crist prepare to face off in the 2020 midterm gubernatorial election, both men have been deemed pro-Israel and supportive of the overall Jewish community in the state of Florid, and pray that the important voting bloc supports their respective gubernatorial campaigns.

"Demings Claims Opposition to Defunding Police Despite Voting Record" by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres—As a former police chief, it would make sense for Rep. Val Demings (D-FL-10) to be against defunding police. In a recent tweet, Demings posted a short video saying that those in favor of defunding are a "small minority" and that "Democrats overwhelmingly voted for legislation to fund our police, including my bill to solve unsolved murders." As such, she says, "when Republicans claim we’re “defunding the police,” that’s “ALTERNATIVE FACTS.”

"Palm Beach Post Endorses Crist for Governor" by The Floridian's Daniel Molina

"DeSantis Says Fauci's 'Gaslighting' the Country" by The Floridian's Daniel Molina—Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is once again touting the state's stance on COVID-19. With reports that a new COVID-19 variant could strike in the winter, the Florida Governor is responding to recent comments from Dr. Fauci. It's no secret that DeSantis is a sharp critic of Fauci, and as Fauci readies himself for retirement, DeSantis warns that Fauci is "gaslighting" the country.

"Rubio Adds More First Responder Endorsements" by The Floridian's Daniel Molina—Last weekend, Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) received further support from first responders. Both the South Florida Council of Fire Fighters and the International Union of Police Associations announced endorsements for Rubio's reelection.

"Democrat Karen Green Believes Democrats are 'Baby Killing" and Racist?" by The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—In appalling news out of Florida’s 7th Congressional District, it appears that Karen Green (D), who is running for the U.S. House of Representatives, briefly became a conservative just days before the general election. Green is running against Cory Mills (R), an Army combat veteran, who has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump (R) and Gov. Ron DeSantis.

"Broward Elections Supervisor Shuts Down Reporter for Asking About Illegal Voter's Arrest" by The Floridian's Javier Manjarres—Broward County Supervisor of Elections Joe Scott was visibly bothered when grassroots activist and independent reporter Chris Nelson confronted him over the recent arrest of Alford Samuels for illegally voting in Broward County.

"Changes to Credit Card System Hurts Consumers"—OPINION

"Ron DeSantis Announces Record Unemployment Numbers" by The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) announced the second lowest unemployment rate in Florida’s history, hitting 2.5%, while simultaneously achieving the second fastest GDP growth across all 50 states, despite national GDP slipping into a recession (two consecutive quarters of declining GDP). This is the lowest unemployment rate for the state since October 2006.

"FL Legislators Call for Decriminalizing Use of Weed" by The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—As the nation gets more and more relaxed with cannabis usage, politicians around the state of Florida are looking for ways to make marijuana more accessible but differing sides of the aisle aren’t necessarily approaching the issue in the same manner.

"New Ad Praises Gov. DeSantis' Support of Florida's Environment" by The Floridian's Daniel Molina

"First Lady DeSantis: 'Mamas' Proud of Gov. Ron DeSantis for Saying No to School Vaccine Mandates" by The Floridian's Grayson Bakich—Earlier this week, the CDC unanimously voted to add the controversial COVID-19 vaccine into the childhood immunization schedule. While the CDC is not making the shot mandatory, there are fears that states and schools will make it so. As a result, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) spoke at a press conference saying that no Florida school district will be able to implement vaccine mandates.

"Scott Questions DoE Concerning Innovative Technology Going to China" by The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—The Biden administration was reported to have allowed the acquisition of American intellectual properties related to battery technology. This technology was reported to have been funded by the American taxpayer.

"Cammack: Border Agents Have been Reduced to 'Glorified Babysitters'" by The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—With monthly border crossings in the tens of thousands, many Republicans have criticized the Biden administration for their lack of attentiveness to the growing crisis down south. President Joe Biden (D) has now decided to recruit military volunteers to help with the border crisis. Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) gave her thoughts on Fox Business just two days ago.

"Salazar Holds Presser for USMCA Human Rights Violations" by The Floridian's Daniel Molina—Florida Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar (R) held a joint presser this week in Miami. In the press conference, Salazar was joined by Mexican officials to denounce human rights violations of USMCA.

"Rubio Says Demings is "Easiest" Debate He's Done" by The Floridian's Daniel Molina—Last Tuesday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) and Florida Rep. Val Demings (D) faced off in a debate. Discussing a number of topics including inflation, the state of the country, and abortion rights, both Demings and Rubio exchanged verbal blows in the hopes of procuring support.

"Gaetz Applauds DoD Decision to Not Include Wind Farms on FL West Coast Military Space" by The Floridian's Jackson Bakich—The Department of Defense recently announced their commitment to ensure that wind farms would not encroach Florida’s Gulf Coast Military Mission Line (MML). The Biden administration had been looking to expand offshore wind farming, but Republicans like Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) expressed enough concern to divert the decision.


The JUICE is squeezed by Javier Manjarres, Jim McCool, and Daniel Molina


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