DeSantis Relies on Doing ‘the Opposite of Brandon’

DeSantis Relies on Doing ‘the Opposite of Brandon’

“The same guiding principles that led him to make decisions when advising SEAL Team 1 still guide him today as he leads our state.”

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
September 25, 2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) credits his success as governor on doing “the opposite of Brandon.” With President Joe Biden (D) taking a trip to Orlando this week to campaign with DeSantis’ rival, the Florida Governor continues to chide the president.

DeSantis’ reelection team has released a new advertisement titled “Honor, Courage, Commitment.” In the advertisement, Navy Captain Dan Bean, who served alongside the Governor, offers a testimony in support of DeSantis.

“When you’re advising Seal Team One, you’re making life and death decisions,” Bean shares in the advertisement, commenting that “as someone who has served side-by-side with him, he is selfless, he will do what is in your best interest not his best interest.”

DeSantis’ team issued a message to his supporters, expressing that “the Navy’s core values are honor courage, and commitment,” which Bean specified in the advertisement. “Governor DeSantis embodied those values while serving our country – and he embodies them today as Governor” the team added.

The team furth highlighted that “the same guiding principles that led him to make decisions when advising SEAL Team 1 still guide him today as he leads our state.”

The advertisement can be viewed here.

This week, Florida Rep. Charlie Crist (D) gears up to campaign with President Biden as Crist vies to unseat DeSantis. Having previously served as a Republican Governor, Crist now welcomes Biden to the sunshine state, affirming to his supporters that “this is going to be Ron DeSantis’s first and only term as governor.”

However, while Democrats feel hopeful heading into the midterm election, Republicans have shared that they have a 492 thousand net gain over Democrats in Florida. With these numbers, political pundits argue that the GOP could be heading into a House majority despite increased support for the Democratic party.

Moreover, support for DeSantis has risen within the GOP heading into the 2024 presidential election with Republican leaders siding with the Florida Governor over President Donald Trump (R).

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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