Liberal Florida Lawmaker Claims Ron DeSantis 'Condones' Nazism

Liberal Florida Lawmaker Claims Ron DeSantis 'Condones' Nazism

Left-leaning lawmakers continue to use Nazism as rhetorical tool

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
July 25, 2022

At the recent TPUSA event, controversy broke out when Neo-Nazis began to demonstrate outside of the building.  Now, Progressive State Rep. Carlos G. Smith (D-49) is claiming Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL), who spoke at the event, condones Nazism.

"I can’t think of a single Florida politician, regardless of party, who wouldn’t immediately condemn Nazis celebrating and rallying in support of them….  Not one politician, except our own Gov. Ron DeSantis. His silence should terrify every American— and it’s not the first time," said Rep. Smith on Twitter.

While there appeared to be a separation between conventional attendees to the TPUSA event and the Neo-Nazi crowd, Smith pointed out some images where Nazi flags and, "DeSantis country," are shown in the same picture.  However, it is unclear whether the man flying the flag is associated with the Nazi demonstrators.

One man had a sign that glorified Governor DeSantis and former US President Donald Trump (R) in which Smith stated, "The homophobic, transphobic, racist and anti-Semitic 'contributions' actual Nazis are praising their “glorious leader Ron DeSantis” for are so vile and reprehensible, I won’t repeat them. By failing to condemn this, Governor DeSantis fully condones and embraces this hate."

While there has been no official condemnation yet from the DeSantis Administration, we could likely expect one soon.  With having received awards from the nation of Israel for his great relationship with the Jewish people, and major platform to combat anti-semitism, claiming Ron DeSantis is a Nazi sympathizer is an extremely hard case to make.

This is one of many sparring matches Smith has had with the Florida governor.  Just this year Smith was very critical of DeSantis' "Stop WOKE Act," that was critical of practices such as Critical Race Theory in academia.  Smith spoke out against it as the representative of the University of Central Florida area stating, "The DeSantis regime has made the anti-racist mission of my alma mater AGAINST THE LAW."

Smith is the same legislator that defended Socialism on the floor of the Florida House of Representatives.

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

is based in Tallahassee and is currently a Senior at Florida State University, studying Political Science and Religion. With a deep interest in politics, Jim has been initiated into the Benjamin Franklin Society of Scholars, and has competed nationally in undergraduate Mock Trial, as well as started the Moot Court team at his former high school. When not writing or studying, Jim is usually hitting the gym, watching reruns of Frasier, or keeping tabs on the New England Patriots.

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