Congressional Candidate Scotty Moore Runs to Oust Darren Soto

Congressional Candidate Scotty Moore Runs to Oust Darren Soto

Scotty Moore attempts to heal America's 'leadership crisis'

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
June 1, 2022

Republicans are currently looking at taking back the legislative branch of government this November.  One of the party's rising stars who thinks the nation is in a deep leadership crisis is US Congressional candidate Scotty Moore (R-FL), who believes he is the clear choice in District 9 over Democrat incumbent, US Rep. Darren Soto (D-FL).

Moore still has to get past his  primary election  but has already garnered the accolades to have a solid shot at the nomination.  The political outsider has earned the endorsement of former Congressman and White House Chief of Staff for the Trump Administration, Mark Meadows (R-NC).  Other organizations such as the Florida Republican Assembly have thrown their hat in the ring for the Congressional hopeful as well.

The Floridian sat down with Mr. Moore this week to ask him more about the 2022 midterms, Congressional District 9, and Rep. Soto, who he hopes to oust from office this Fall.

As for the midterm elections, Moore described the upcoming election as a "moment," in history for Republicans, and has even proposed investigating the 2020 election, as he believes the results were fraudulent.  "There are moments that happen in our lives, that happen in our nation that define generations.  When we got attacked in World War II in Pearl Harbor,  that defined a generation.  9/11, all of us know where we were, and it was a normal Tuesday morning.  I really believe what happened in the 2020 election was a defining moment in our nation's history, and we should not just gingerly pass on and say, 'hey let's move on.'  We need to investigate and figure out what happened."

When asked about his motives for running for office, Moore spoke frequently of a "leadership crisis," in the country.

"I think people really resonate with the fact that we need new leadership.  We need people who are full of integrity, and who care more about the mission of saving our country than they do about the power, the position, and the money, that so often encapsulates the political sphere," said Moore.

Moore also described REp. Soto as being  "100% complicit with what's happening today because he's voting 100% in line with the party that has brought us here. "

"The choice could not be more clear right now.  Do you want more of the same, more of the direction we're heading, which is towards destruction and anti-America, or do you agree with me that we need to shift directions?"  Moore then used Venezuela as an example, as he spent years working in South America as a missionary, cautioning that, "we're heading in that direction," added Moore.

Moore appears to be in good standing for the Republican nomination this summer in Florida's 9th Congressional District, but the real test of voters' preferences will come around this Fall.  Will Moore's America First vision and impressive list of endorsements be enough to flip a blue seat in Florida's 9th District?

Jim McCool

Jim McCool

Jim was born in Philadelphia, PA and has lived in Florida for 17 years. He is currently a Junior studying Political Science, Criminology, and Religion at the Florida State University. Aside from his education and writing, he has competed nationally in college mock trial and is a die hard New England Patriots fan.

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