Jones Launches 'Operation Blackout' Mail-in-Ballot Initiative

Jones Launches 'Operation Blackout' Mail-in-Ballot Initiative

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
February 10, 2022

Florida State Senator Shevrin Jones (D) has launched his ‘Operation BlackOut,’ whose sole purpose is to register Floridians to vote-by-mail ahead of the 2022 primary elections.

“If we are going to turn the tide and grow power, we need to expand the electorate through voter registration as well as engage and turn out the millions of Black and Brown voters who do not vote,” said Florida State Senator Shevrin Jones. “Nearly all data experts agree that Florida Democrats can’t simply register our way to a win in a state too often lost on the margins — it is imperative that we boost engagement with sporadic voters, particularly young people and in communities of color, who feel disenchanted with politics these days.”

Sen. Jones’s new is focused on getting “Black, Brown and young voters” to switch to voting by mail.

Several Florida-based groups have vocalized their support of Sen. Jones’s efforts, including the support of alleged Dark Money groups like Florida Alliance, Equal Ground, and Florida Ground.

“At a time when we’re so divided, it’s great to see leadership like Senator Shevrin Jones step up to the plate and launch a powerful initiative that will benefit so many hard-working Floridians,” said Ray Paultre, Executive Director of the Florida Alliance. “This initiative is among the many this cycle that will lead to increased voter participation and victories across the Sunshine State.”

“I am proud to support the work Senator Shevrin Jones is doing with Operation BlackOut and am proud to be a partner with him on this endeavor," shared Adrienne Bogen, Florida Ground Game Founder & Executive Director. “Now more than ever, it's critically important to reach voters exactly where they are across the state of Florida and the stakes could not be higher. I’m excited that Operation BlackOut has assembled a talented team to help with that effort and am looking forward to working together to build lasting Democratic infrastructure in Florida."

“Equal Ground is honored to support the efforts of Senator Shevrin Jones with ‘Operation BlackOut,’” said Jasmine Burney-Clark, Equal Ground Executive Director. “It will take each and every one of our organizations, firing on all cylinders, to carry us to victory this November. Together we will put our heads down, get to work and run a ground game Florida has never seen before.”

According to a press release, Sen. Jones’s Operation BlackOut will enroll some 40,000 non-tradition, unlikely Black and Brown progressive voters into vote-by-mail.

Jones was one of the loudest voices of opposition against Florida's SB 90 voter integrity bill. Jones called the measure nothing more than Republicans' move to disenfranchised or "BlackOut" minority voters.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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