(VIDEO) Loomer Exposes Buses of Illegal Immigrants Arriving in Florida

(VIDEO) Loomer Exposes Buses of Illegal Immigrants Arriving in Florida

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
January 30, 2022

Conservative journalist and congressional candidate Laura Loomer (R-FL)  has exposed illegal immigrants being bussed into Florida,  this after Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) vowed to stop all Biden administration transports of illegal immigrants into Florida.

Loomer sent an exclusive video to The Floridian where four Elexpresso.net buses filled with illegal immigrants have arrived at an Extended Stay America hotel in Maitland, Florida.

Elexepresso buses are run by Tornado Bus Company out of Texas.

The City of Maitland is in Rep. Stephanie Murphy’s 7th Congressional District, which brushes up against Florida’s 11th District, where Loomer is running against Rep. Daniel Webster (R) in what should be a hotly contested primary race.

Loomer stated,” the video shows a bus of Hispanic illegal aliens being (all men) being dropped off in front of an Extended Stay hotel in Maitland where they are being given pre-loaded credit cards, hotel rooms, and clothing.”

Loomer also questioned,” How many of these illegals are rapists, or will commit a crime in neighboring counties?”

In December 2021, Gov. DeSantis announced proposals to combat and counter the flow of illegal immigrants into Florida as a result of the current “mystery flight” immigration initiative being carried out by the Biden administration.

“We have a responsibility to stand up for the rule of law, we have a responsibility to the Constitution, and we have a responsibility to stand up against an administration that has decided they don’t want to have a secure border,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “These are a robust series of proposals and I believe we are going to get a lot of support from the legislature. The laws of our country require us to enforce the law and that is what needs to be done.”

Florida Republicans, including Loomer, have praised DeSantis’s efforts to stem the stream of illegal immigrants being bussed and flown into Florida, and support his call to have illegal immigrants routed to Biden’s home state of Delaware.

Laura Loomer
Laura Loomer

“Governor DeSantis was right when he said that the Biden administration is bussing and flying illegal aliens to Florida ahead of the 2022 midterm elections,” stated Loomer. It’s time for these illegals to be rounded up and deported to Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware, as Governor DeSantis said he would.”

Loomer calls the busing “an invasion" and “an act of war,” asserting that “ICE needs to raid that Extended Stay hotel and deport every single one of those illegal aliens” that came in on the aforementioned buses.

Rep. Murphy could not be reached for comment, nor has she made any statement on her social media in regards to the illegal immigrants that were dropped off in her congressional district.

But while Rep. Murphy has stated that she would not seek re-election,  two of her former Republican congressional opponents running for her seat, Rep. Anthony Sabatini and Combat Veteran Cory Mills, have been openly calling for a full immigration moratorium and have denounced the current Biden immigration policy.

“DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS NOW! We do not need to house, feed, and transport those violating our sovereignty. Let’s take care of America first and use these funds for our homeless and those suffering from mental illness or substance abuse,” tweeted Mills.

Rep. Sabatini stated that “state law enforcement must be activated by @GovRonDeSantis ASAP,” adding that “Florida should NOT ask the federal government for permission.”

Loomer has stated that she will propose legislation to create an immigration moratorium. Loomer was the first congressional candidate in the nation to call for an immigration moratorium during her 2020 run for Congress.

“It is no coincidence that Joe Biden and his administration are secretly shipping illegal aliens to the state of Florida ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, at the same time, Under the Biden administration’s direction, the Democrats are aggressively trying to pass their voting rights legislation which would give illegal aliens the right to vote,” added Loomer. This is completely illegal, it is unconstitutional, and Joe Biden’s open borders immigration policy is directly undermining the security of our elections here in Florida. All Floridians who care about border security in election integrity need to be on high alert for these invader buses.”

Jim McCool contributed to this story.

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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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