Rubio Vows to 'Restore the American Dream'

“The American Dream grows further and further out of reach every day.”

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
January 17, 2022

Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) directed a message to supporters, vowing to “restore the American Dream.”

The Florida Republican, who’s criticized his Senatorial race challenger Florida Rep. Val Demings (D) as a “Pelosi Puppet” that supports “socialist policies” is once again drawing a distinction between himself and the Democratic party. In turn, the incumbent Senator shared personal pictures and his story, arguing that “Democrats have too much power.”

The Florida lawmaker detailed that he comes from a family of immigrants, and his parents “sacrificed everything to come to this country so that our family could live in the land of the free and have the opportunities they didn’t have before.” As individuals that “believed in the American Dream,” Rubio recalls that his parents “taught me the importance of freedom, hard work, and opportunity at a young age.”

However, Rubio argues that things are different now because “the American Dream grows further and further out of reach every day.” Attributing blame to Democrats, Rubio expressed that “just this week, Democrats are fighting to abolish the filibuster in an effort to consolidate power and ram through their radical agenda.”

Much like the President’s Build Back Better bill, abolishing the filibuster has also been a divisive topic within the Democratic party. Members such as Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D) and West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin (D) have faced scrutiny from party members over their opposition.

As a Senator of Florida, Rubio affirmed that he is “working to ensure that all Americans once again have the opportunity to create a better life for their families and future generations to come.”

“My  love for freedom and opportunity is deeply rooted  in who I am, and it’s why I will fight for you and your family’s bottom line – not big corporations’ or China,” he said, adding that “it’s also exactly why Democrats are coming after me.’

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina is an award-winning senior reporter based in Miami. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Florida International University. His hobbies include reading, writing, and watching films.

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