Cammack Warns of Economic ‘Crash’ Under Biden

Cammack Warns of Economic ‘Crash’ Under Biden

“The spending that has taken place… is going to translate to is inflation that we’ve never seen.

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
January 23, 2022

Florida Rep. Kat Cammack (R) has been a staunch critic of the Biden Administration. In a recent interview with The Floridian, the Florida Republican warned that the country is headed into an economic “crash” under President Joe Biden (D). The President recently celebrated his first year in office, which drew applause from Democrats but scorn from Republicans.

President Biden’s approval rating has taken a hit in recent months, and Republicans from across the country have shared their assessment of the Biden Administration’s job so far. They have cited rising inflation, the supply chain crisis and growing tension with foreign nations like China and Russia as missteps from the administration.

In an interview with, Rep.Cammack further explained her assessment, warning that this will ultimately lead to disastrous results.

In defining the work of the Biden Administration, Cammack shared that “it’s about dependency and control.”

She added that if “you look at their social justice programs… they are designed to trap people” instead of being about upward mobility.

Cammack further explained that “the spending that has taken place… is going to translate to is inflation that we’ve never seen,” the “Fed’s… going to jack up the interest rates,” and she warned that “we are going to see another crash because of the rapid rise of spending coming out of the federal government, but they’re gonna put a nice bow on it and make it sexy.” She detailed that what this means is that the Federal Government’s going to say that “this is another stimulus check.”

Last week, Cammack joined Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) in introducing the 2022 Keep Kids in Schools Act, which “would prohibit around $164 billion in unspent COVID relief funds from going to elementary and secondary schools that do not offer in-person instruction on a full-time basis for all enrolled students.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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