Biden’s Crises Make It Harder To Spread Christmas Cheer This Year

Merry Christmas, but not to all

December 14, 2021

By Tommy Hicks Jr.

This year celebrating the Christmas season is more difficult than ever. As families across Florida feel the pinch of rising prices, a supply-chain crisis, and an energy crisis, they know who is to blame. Thanks to Joe Biden’s failed leadership, Americans are footing the bill for Democrats’ reckless spending and radical, political wish list, making what should be a joyful time of year stressful for families struggling to make ends meet. 

From rising costs for food and household items to soaring energy costs, households hoping to host gatherings will be saddled with increasing cost of entertaining In fact, 78% of Americans say that skyrocketing prices are forcing them to cut back on buying presents. Joe Biden may think this is just a “high-class problem.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, it’s lower-income Americans who spend more of their earnings on essentials like gas and groceries who are going to suffer the most.

Biden’s reckless tax and spending sprees have effectively lowered the minimum wage as rising prices erase any wage gains Americans might be seeing. Biden’s tired habit of downplaying inflation is a slap in the face to Floridians who tired of being lied to by Biden.

Making matters worse, essentials are not only more expensive than ever, they’re also harder to come by. Supply chain disruptions are emptying shelves in grocery stores and retail spaces. Thanks to record backlogs, appliances, electronics, housekeeping supplies and home and garden items are all out-of-stock. As for many families who may need to rely on the generosity of local food banks over the holidays, they sadly will be hard pressed to find another option. Even local food pantries in Florida aren’t spared from supply chain shortages.

backlog at our ports and a shortage of drivers is also causing delays and exacerbating the shortage of goods, causing strain for Floridians doing their holiday shopping. Last month Biden promised relief to these problems, but so far he has been unable has failed to deliver. In fact he is working overtime to make things worse. Biden wants to fire essential workers through his unconstitutional forced vaccines mandate. Fortunately, the Republican National Committee is standing in the breach and suing the Biden administration over this authoritarian act of federal overreach.

Over 75% of Americans Say Inflation Is Affecting Them Personally and Majority Blame Biden

Families hitting the road over the holidays to see relatives are also in for a rude awakening. Gas prices up more than 60 percent since last year and at an eight-year high here in Florida thanks to Biden’s anti-energy agenda. Clearly, Joe Biden’s failed America-Last strategy of begging OPEC to pump more oil while shutting down pipelines here in the U.S. is not working.

In light of these failures hurting everyday Floridians, one would expect Biden to change course, right? Wrong. Instead, Biden is serving up more of the same. Floridians aren’t having it. Biden’s Build Back Broke agenda will only make things even worse and break Biden’s pledge not to raise taxes on middle-class families. In fact, up to 30% of middle-class families would see their taxes go up at the same time Biden wants to give the very rich living in blue states a massive tax cut.

Floridians already cannot afford the exorbitant cost of Biden’s inflation tax and the increasing cost of everyday life. The last thing they need is another multi-trillion-dollar spending bill that will raise their taxes heading into the new year.

Biden’s failed policies are dampening the Christmas spirit and making it harder to spread holiday cheer throughout the Sunshine State. You know something is wrong when Floridians feel like they have to take out a loan just to pump their gas or struggle to afford essentials needed to host holiday parties. Floridians deserve better, but all they are getting from Biden is a slice of humble pie.

Next November, voters will not forget how Biden and Democrats worked to make this holiday season harder for their families. The red wave we saw in elections across America this year is also coming for Florida Democrats up-and-down the ballot in the 2022 midterm elections.

Tom Hicks, Jr. serves as the co-Chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC)

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