7-Year-Old Tornado Victim In Delight After Receiving Christmas Gifts From The Trumps

7-Year-Old Tornado Victim In Delight After Receiving Christmas Gifts From The Trumps

Mona Salama
Mona Salama
December 27, 2021

Former President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump brought Christmas joy to a seven-year-old who was badly injured from a devastating tornado two weeks ago that destroyed the family home and killed her older sister, bringing cheers of delight this holiday season.

Avalinn Rackley, 7, couldn't contain her excitement, screaming enthusiastically when her grandmother, Pamela Proctor Moore, who filmed the whole encounter, tells the brave little girl that the Christmas gifts came from the Trumps.

"These boxes came in the mail, and they are from... President Trump! Both of these boxes are from President Trump. Can you believe it?" Pamela tells Avalinn.

"Oh my God! No, I can't," the brave little girl screams in disbelief and joy as she is seen wearing a back brace and matching Christmas onesies with her dad, Trent Rackley.

"Let's see what's in them," Pamela says.

The gifts sent to lift the little girl's spirit during this hard moment in her life also came with a personal touching letter from the Trumps.

"We are so encouraged by the strength and determination you have shown during this very difficult time. You will remain in our hearts for complete care and comfort as you continue to recover," the letter from Donald Trump and Melania Trump read.

Trump’s Letter
Via Pamela Proctor Moore Facebook

"With your steadfast spirit and the unwavering strength and support of your wonderful family and many friends, your future potential is limitless. May God bless you and your family," the letter adds.

According to Pamela, the Trumps sent hats signed by the former president, Presidential blankets, American Girl Dolls, books signed by both Trumps, pens, and bracelets.

The tornado splintered the family home apart in Caruthersville, Missouri, on Dec. 10 and flung the entire family into the acre lot field. The family had just moved into the new home in the rural southeast corner of Missouri just a week before the tornado leveled it.

The plight of the Rackley family captured the nation's attention when a Snapchat photo of Avalinn and her sisters taking shelter in their bathroom went viral. To prove they were in their "safe space" as the storm approached, the girls' mom texted their Aunt the photo of the three girls sheltered in the bathtub.

Sadly, the family's attempt at shelter in the windowless bathroom did not succeed, as the family was carried by one of the 30 tornadoes dozens of yards through the air into a field where first responders found them in mud. Annistyn was one of 90 killed in five states from the deadly tornado.

Avalinn's older sister, 9-year-old Annistyn, was tragedically killed while her younger sister, 3-year-old Alanna, and her mother, Meghan Rackley, a kindergarten teacher, were severely wounded with multiple broken bones. Meghan was left with a traumatic brain injury and fell into a coma. She has since woken up and slowly recovering in the hospital.

Avalinn suffered several broken vertebrae and started walking again, using a walker less than a week after surgery. She told doctors she flew around "in the tornado," but she "prayed to Jesus to take care of me, and he spit me out - and the tornado spit me out into the mud."

The devastating outbreak of tornadoes ripped through several U.S. states, including Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Mona Salama

Mona Salama

Mona Salama is a political reporter for The Floridian covering Congress, the White House and Congressional elections.

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