Melania Trump Makes Thanksgiving Visit to Florida Foster Care Organization

Melania Trump Makes Thanksgiving Visit to Florida Foster Care Organization

Mona Salama
Mona Salama
November 26, 2021

Former First Lady Melania Trump made a public appearance at the Palm Beach foster care organization, spending her Thanksgiving holiday for a special cause by serving her community through her Be Best initiative.

Melania, who has kept a quiet profile since leaving the White House earlier this year, spent some time at a local foster care organization, 4KIDS organization in Palm Beach, Florida. 4KIDS is a non-profit dedicated to providing housing and care for children and families in crisis across six counties in Florida — Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Indian River, Martin, St. Lucie, and Okeechobee.

According to the Office of Melania Trump, the former first lady spent two hours at the Palm Beach 4KIDS branch, which is not far from the Trumps' Mar-a-Lago Club, where she and her husband, former President Donald Trump, currently resides.

"Mrs. Trump spent time visiting with young foster children and engaging in a craft activity," Melania's office said. "She then had a discussion with young adults who aged out of foster care who live in the 4Kids independent living homes."

"The visit certainly had a Thanksgiving theme where Mrs. Trump expressed her appreciation and gratitude to the foster parents and 4Kids staff who play such an important role in the child welfare community," her office added.

Afterward, the former first lady toured 4KIDS' therapeutic center, "where the facility provides clinical services for kids and families who need extra support, therapy and healing, as well as trauma-informed training for parents and caregivers."

Her office also noted how her outing this week as part of maintaining her First Lady "Be Best" campaign, a three-pillared initiative Melania launched in 2018. Be Best focuses on children's health and well-being, safety online, prevention of social media bullying, and the impact of the opioid crisis on children. After leaving the White House, Melania also followed her husband's footsteps in establishing her own post-White House office, headquartered in Mar-a-Lago Estate, to continue working on her Be Best initiative.

"Mrs. Trump has always been passionate about spreading kindness and compassion in communities at home and abroad," Melania's office stated. "This visit shows her ever-evolving commitment to highlighting the people and organizations who are making a difference in their community and going above and beyond to establish a foundation and provide the opportunity to our nation's children."

Melania made her two-hour visit at 4KIDS, tweeting out several photos from her personal Twitter account.

The pictures Melania shared showed her spending time with the children blowing bubbles, playing with Play-Doh and crafts, and giving them gifts for the Thanksgiving holiday. In one picture, Melania is seen having a meeting with staffers from 4KIDS, along with a few young adults who have aged out of foster care but are living in homes provided by the group.

In a Thanksgiving tweet Thursday, Melania praised the 4KIDS organization and its "wonderful network," calling their work "inspirational and essential" in helping those in need.

"Thanksgiving is about gratitude, reflection, & giving back to our communities. Thank you, @4KIDSUS, for showing me the wonderful network you have built to support our Nation's children. Your work is inspirational & essential to helping those in need. #HappyThanksgiving," Melania captioned the tweet with a set of images from her visit.

In a statement, the President and CEO of 4KIDS, Kevin Enders, told The Floridian they were "honored to host Mrs. Trump in our Palm Beach office to share how we are bringing hope, homes, and healing to kids and families."

"Our families and young adults were blessed to share their stories and experiences with her during the visit. We are thankful for how generous Mrs. Trump was with her time and for blessing our guests with gifts for Thanksgiving," Enders said in a statement.

Mona Salama

Mona Salama

Mona Salama is a political reporter for The Floridian covering Congress, the White House and Congressional elections.

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