Kamala Harris' Approval Rating Stoops to 28%

Jimmy Kimmel calls Americans racist and sexist to justify Kamala Harris low poll numbers

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
November 11, 2021

While President Joe Biden (D) has seen relatively excruciatingly painful plummeting poll numbers, Americans have allowed this to overshadow the even worsening approval ratings of Vice President Harris (D).  Kamala Harris' approval rating has now stooped down to 28%.

According to a USA Today poll of 1,000 voters in November of 2021, President Biden scored lower than his usual 42%, showing a humbling 38%.  But, VP Harris showed up with an approval rating of 28%, which officially gives her the lowest approval rating of any Vice President in modern history.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney (R) is often regarded as the least liked VP in the modern era, but did not actually sink to his lowest approval rating of 30% until the very end of the Bush-Cheney Administration in 2008 when he accidentally shot a man.

Now with only 10 months into the Biden presidency, such a negative approval rating is very telling.  With leaks coming out of the White House such as a negative office culture and interesting run-ins with the media, it is safe to say she is not exactly a fan favorite in Washington.

However, celebrities are getting in Harris' corner, providing answers for the low numbers.  Jimmy Kimmel in particular has been a loud advocate, suggesting on his late-night television program that Americans' sexism and racism is holding the first woman Vice President back.

s"I think I know why Kamala's ratings are low, besides sexism and racism, which are the obvious ones. It's because whenever she's next to Joe Biden, standing near or behind him, she looks like an assassin," Kimmel said, appearing serious when mentioning sexism and racism."

Just this week, Harris added another awkward moment with the media into her collection.  After meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, Harris spoke at a press conference where she employed an unexpected French accent.

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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