Trump Unloads On ‘Radical Masker’ Fauci Amid Email Controversy Fallout

Trump Unloads On ‘Radical Masker’ Fauci Amid Email Controversy Fallout

Mona Salama
Mona Salama
June 3, 2021

Former President Donald Trump unloaded on Dr. Fauci Thursday amid the growing scrutiny over the infectious disease expert correspondence with Chinese authorities following an email dump that showed a contrast between his public and private sentiment as it was revealed he considered the “Wuhan lab-leak theory” following multiple warning but publicly downplayed the claims.

“After seeing the emails, our Country is fortunate I didn’t do what Dr. Fauci wanted me to do. For instance, I closed our Borders to China very early despite his not wanting them closed. The Democrats and the Fake News Media even called me a ‘xenophobe,'” Trump said in an emailed statement sent from his Save America Pac Thursday.

“In the end, we saw this was a life-saving decision, and likewise with closing our borders to Europe, specifically to certain heavily infected countries. I was later given credit, even by ‘Tony,’ for saving hundreds of thousands of lives,” Trump added.

Trump blasted his former coronavirus adviser for not emphasizing the “speed of vaccine production,” noting how Fauci expressed skepticism as he numerously clashed with the former president over his claim that the COVID vaccine would be available within months and the lack of faith that the inoculation would actually work to combat the virus.

“Dr. Fauci also didn’t put an emphasis on speed of vaccine production because he thought it would take 3, 4, or maybe even 5 years to create. I got it done in less than 9 months with Operation Warp Speed. In retrospect, the vaccine is saving the world,” Trump said.

“Then, I placed the greatest bet in history. We ordered billions of dollars worth of vaccines before we knew it even worked. Had that not been done, our wonderful vaccines would not have been administered until October of this year. No one would’ve had the shot that has now saved the world and millions of lives!” he added.

On Tuesday, a trove of 3,200 of Fauci’s emails from January to June 2020, obtained through the Freedom of Information requests by both The Washington Post and Buzzfeed, offers a rare glimpse of Fauci’s response pandemic last year. Fauci was warned privately of lab leak possibility back in January 2020 with one email from virus researcher Kristian Andersen revealing the virus had “some of the features (potentially) look engineered.”

The emails also revealed his cozy relationship with China’s top infectious disease expert Dr. George Gao — the director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and defended a U.S. taxpayer grant that funded a research group that partnered with the Wuhan lab. In one email, Fauci received on April 18, 2020, from the head of a research group who thanked the infectious doctor for publicly insisting that the evidence did not point to the lab as the source.

The former president piling on the attacks on Fauci, calling on the infectious doctor to answer a “lot of questions” to find out how much he really knew about the secret gain of function research in the Wuhan lab.

“There are a lot of questions that must be answered by Dr. Fauci. The funding of Wuhan by the U.S. was foolishly started by the Obama Administration in 2014 but ended under the Trump Administration. When I heard about it, I said ‘no way.’ What did Dr. Fauci know about “gain of function” research, and when did he know it?” Trump said.

He particularly slammed the top doctor for his continuous flip-flop stance on the issue of facemasks, noting how Fauci was at first “totally” against them until he “changed his mind completely” to become a “radical masker!

In a second email statement, Trump demanded that Beijing cough up “ten trillion dollars to America, and the World, for the death and destruction they have caused!” as reparations.

“Now everyone, even the so-called ‘enemy,’ are beginning to say that President Trump was right about the China Virus coming from the Wuhan Lab. The correspondence between Dr. Fauci and China speaks too loudly for anyone to ignore. China should pay Ten Trillion Dollars to America, and the World, for the death and destruction they have caused!” Trump said in the second email statement sent shortly after.

Republicans have also targeted Fauci amid the published emails revealing the infectious expert knew the Wuhan lab was carrying out experiments with genetically engineered coronavirus, as he publicly insisted that COVID-19 emerged naturally by jumping from an animal host to human. GOP lawmakers said that Fauci might have perjured himself in testimony to Congress in covering up what he knew but saying other things.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has defended its top coronavirus adviser, saying Fauci has been an “undeniable asset” and retained President Biden’s confidence.

“He’s been an undeniable asset in our country’s pandemic response,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters. “The president and the administration feel that Dr. Fauci has played an incredible role in getting the pandemic under control, being a voice to the public throughout the course of this pandemic, and again I would reiterate a lot of these emails are from 17 months ago or more, certainly predating this administration.”

Fauci has also defended himself in light of the emails, appearing in a slew of liberal media outlets where the infectious doctor turned TV commentator pundit is heavily praised, saying his emails have been “taken out of context,” but he “can’t guarantee everything that is going on in the Wuhan lab.”

Following the emailed statements from Trump, it was revealed that the former president, as he set to make a public return in holding a few upcoming MAGA rallies in the Summer months. Trump plans to use his rallies and Republican conference to reprise his set of greatest hits by heavily targeting Fauci in the same way he attacked his former 2016 presidential rival, Hillary Clinton, by weaponizing the emails to increase awareness of the Wuhan lab-leak theory.

“People see Anthony Fauci, and they think of shuttered businesses, lost school,” Trump senior adviser Jason Miller told Axios.

Mona Salama

Mona Salama

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