Trump Slams Biden For Giving Russia A ‘Very Big Stage’ Following Summit With Putin

Trump Slams Biden For Giving Russia A ‘Very Big Stage’ Following Summit With Putin

Mona Salama
Mona Salama
June 16, 2021

Former President Trump reacted to his successor’s summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Switzerland, slamming President Biden’s performance in giving his adversary “a very big stage to Russia,” while making the U.S look weak and failed in return to get “anything out of it.”

“We didn’t get anything. We gave a very big stage to Russia, and we got nothing,” Trump said in an exclusive wide-ranging phone interview Wednesday night on Fox News ‘Hannity’ Wednesday night. “We gave up something that was unbelievably valuable. I stopped the pipeline, NordStream 2, and the pipeline was stopped, and it was given back [to Russia], and nothing was gotten for it.”

“It was another day and performance art you don’t take a look at how various people performed, namely the two people. I think it was a good day for Russia. I don’t think we got anything out of it,” Trump added.

Trump also highlighted during the 35-minute interview how Biden gave away leverage by allowing Russia to complete the NordStream II pipeline but quickly canceled America’s own pipeline project with the Keystone XL that killed over 10,000 U.S. jobs “with the stroke of a pen.”

“It was just unbelievable. And to give up the stoppage, I mean, I stopped it, and they give it up, and then if you see what they did with the Keystone XL pipeline where they stopped it almost on the first day,” Trump said.

“We’re not going to be energy independent in two months from now. They making windmills all over the place to ruin our land and kill our birds to kill everything. And they’re very intermittent, as you learn from watching over the last four months. It’s intermittent energy. It’s not good. It’s not going to power our great factories, and it’s a real problem,” Trump added.

Last month, the Biden administration waived sanctions on the corporate entity and CEO overseeing Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline construction into Germany. In its mandatory 90-day report to Congress, which was not publicly released, the State Department plans to sanction ships involved in the building of the pipeline. However, in a bizarre move, Secretary of State Antony Blinken refused to sanction the actual company AG and the CEO in charge of the project, both of which exactly engaging in sanctionable activities under U.S. law. Citing “U.S. national interests,” Blinken determined that it will waive the applications of penalties of those sanctions.

Blinken, who vowed “to do whatever… to prevent that completion” of Nord Stream 2 during his Senate confirmation hearing earlier this year, shifted its tone only four months later, saying that despite opposition being “unwavering,” the Biden administration is not willing to “negatively impact its relationship with Germany, the EU, and other European allies and partners” to keep the sanctions.

Trump signed into law in 2019, and 2020 halted the $10.5 billion pipeline construction that was more than 90 percent completed, with about 100 miles remaining. In addition, the Trump administration imposed sanctions targeting companies and individuals participating in the project’s construction. The Provisions that imposed heavier sanctions were included in the $738 billion 2020 National Defense Authorization Act.

During the interview, Fox News host Sean Hannity noted the current state of the U.S. economy with inflation fears growing due to many consumer products seeing prices skyrocketing, and gas prices reaching levels unseen since 2008. Hannity then asked Trump on his “take on the state of the economy and the impact.”

“I’ll tell you the biggest beneficiary is Russia and Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, I mean these people they’re going to make more money than they’ve ever made,” Trump said. “Look what they’ve done; they will make Russia so rich because of what’s happening. When I left, it was $1.87 for a gallon of gas. Now it’s over $3. It’s going to go up to five, six, or seven dollars a gallon. Mark my words. And that’s bigger than any tax increase you could give. You could triple people’s taxes that cost more money for the middle-income people, much more money, and frankly, for our country. It’s a disaster, it’s going to stop everything.”

Trump went on to state that the U.S. is “being led very, very stupidly,” adding that he warned Americans during the 2020 election, but they “didn’t listen.”

“We ended up having a great energy industry, and we ended up with low prices …within a matter of weeks, we will no longer be energy independent, and we are going to be relying again on the Middle East and Russia because we are being led very, very stupidly,” Trump said. “And I said this during the debates and people didn’t listen.”

“But they lied. They didn’t talk this us. They never said this,” Trump added. “This is a Bernie Sanders dream what’s happening right now. He can’t believe it, because this is far worse than Bernie was ever going to be. Bernie Sanders would have never even thought to suggest some of the things that are happening right now.”

Mona Salama

Mona Salama

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