Trump Announces new Save America PAC Spokesperson

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Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
June 15, 2021

Last week, it was reported that Jason Miller (R), President Donald Trump’s (R) spokesman and longtime aid, would be stepping down from his role to pursue a CEO position of a tech start-up. After Miller announced his departure last week, President Trump released a statement this week informing that Liz Harrington (R) would be the new spokesperson for his Save America Political Action Committee.

The statement informed that “Donald J. Trump is pleased to announce Liz Harrington, a strong Republican conservative voice for America and who has represented conservative policies so well over the years, as our new spokesperson for Save America and Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America.”

“Liz will be taking the place of Jason Miller, who will be leaving to enter the private sector,” the statement informed,” and President Trump also thanked Miller for his dedication and service.

“I greatly thank Jason for his service – he is outstanding!” Trump said.

With a new spokesperson joining the team, Trump had nothing but high praise for the incoming Harrington.

Trump called Harrington “a fighter,” adding that “she was an important part of our receiving more votes than any incumbent President in U.S. history, far more than we received the first time we won.”

In response to the appointment, Harrington called it “an honor of a lifetime to represent President Trump and to stand for the truth.”

She further expressed that “as such a critical time for our country, President Trump’s fighting spirit is needed now more than ever.” As many GOP members have also expressed in launching their own 2022 campaigns, Harrington asserted that “we will not stand idly by and let America fall to the Radical Left-Wing Mob.”

President Trump has maintained that he will be actively involved in the upcoming midterm election, making sure that Republicans are elected while also campaigning against GOP members that are not “pro-Trump.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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