Rick Scott Calls for End to 'Progressive Propaganda' in Military

Rick Scott Calls for End to 'Progressive Propaganda' in Military

CRT takes over the military

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
June 3, 2021

As the Biden Administration continues to push ideals such as Critical Race Theory, the Pentagon has recently come out and stated that diversity training is essential in "defending the nation," USSenator Rick Scott (R-FL) has added to his long history of calling out the President, demanding an end to this "progressive propaganda" in the military.

The Pentagon, which has recently been under heavy scrutiny over new racial and diversity programs implemented since President Biden (D) has taken office,  defended themselves this week by stating that those programs helps them recruit "the right people."

In response to the divisive programs, Lt. Colonel Matthew Lohmeier, who has previously called out Critical Race Theory in the military was relieved of his duties as he asserted CRT teaches Marxism.

Since then, GOP lawmakers have urged insiders of the US Military through sites to become whistleblowers in terms of calling out propaganda when they see it, with some of the diversity training teaching radical ideals, reportedly deeming white people as "inherently evil."

Senator Scott who is very pro-defense recently tweeted out against the Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III, claiming that "forcing far-left ideology on our brave men & women in uniform is wrong," adding "Woke ideology teaches people to focus on differences, not what unites us.":

The United States Army has also uploaded one of their videos, featuring a girl who has been raised by two moms in California and including other forced narratives for recruiting purposes.

The aforementioned video is only one of many you can find on the "GoArmy" YouTube account.

Senator Scott is not alone in his opposition, as Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark) began a campaign last week that seeks to have military members report what they have branded "woke ideology," alongside Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX). 

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

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