Moody Organizes Roundtable to Address ‘Court Packing’

Moody continues to take on Democrats over court-packing

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
June 24, 2021

Since the election of President Joe Biden (D), Republicans have rallied against the idea of “court-packing” under the Biden Administration. One lawmaker who’s vocally opposed the idea is Florida’s Attorney General Ashley Moody (R), who held a roundtable session this week to discuss what she argues are the dangers of “packing the court.”

In a statement released this week, Moody commented that “this blatant attempt by the Biden administration and members of Congress to pack our nation’s highest court is an affront to our democracy.” She assured voters that she would “continue to do everything in my power to shine a light on this startling political power grab,” adding that the roundtable session was effective. She “encouraged participants to submit public comments to President Biden’s commission, so members deliberating the merits of expanding the court understand that we are watching their every move and stand ready to oppose any tyrannical takedown of American democracy.”

However, AG Moody has received criticism for her views.

Florida Rep. Sean Shaw (D), who challenged Moody in 2018 for the Attorney General position,  took issue with Moody’s roundtable effort, questioning that she had joined other GOP members in raising doubts about the results of the 2020 election along with joining several other AGs in challenging the Affordable Care Act.

“Attorney General Ashley Moody continues to make a mockery of her office,” Shaw shared, adding that the “roundtable is just another example of General Moody putting politics ahead of the real issues that are facing Floridians.”

Shaw explained that “whether it is trying to overturn the election or taking away health care coverage from more than a million Floridians, it is clear General Moody is more interested in wasting taxpayer dollars on partisan stunts than protecting our citizens from rising violent crimes or scammers trying to rip off our seniors.”

Shaw admitted that “our citizens deserve better.”

President Joe Biden (D) has so far established a commission to examine possible reforms to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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