Conservative House Caucus Members To Hold Summit With Trump Next Week

Conservative House Caucus Members To Hold Summit With Trump Next Week

Mona Salama
Mona Salama
June 3, 2021

Republican Study Committee, led by Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) and other members of the caucus will hold a summit with former President Trump in New Jersey next week, according to a report confirming the meeting Thursday.

Banks, who chairs the largest House caucus of conservatives told the New York Post that he along with several of the committee members will head to Trump’s Bedminster resort and golf course on June 10 “to discuss” their plans with the former president on how to retake the House in the 2022 midterm election and what the House GOP “hope[s] to accomplish” ahead of the 2024 election.

“At Republican Study Committee, we’ve been very busy as we develop the consensus conservative agenda for the future of the Republican Party, and that agenda is the Trump agenda,” Banks told the Post. “We’re looking forward to going up to visit with him to discuss what we’ve been up to and what we plan to do for not just the rest of this term in the minority, but when we get the majority back, but talk to him about what we, what we hope to accomplish.”

The RSC chairman noted that it would be the first time for “several of the members” will met with Trump since leaving office four months ago.

Banks since taking the reins of the RSC has played an expanding role in helping rank-in-file members with the House GOP’s messaging efforts, producing a slew of policy talking point memos emphasizing the need for the party to “lean into Trumpism if it is going to retain and attract” the same voters who have shifted toward the GOP and its agenda since 2016. Many of Banks’ policy proposal memos focuses on Trump’s “America First Agenda,” incorporating priorities like China and immigration rather than the same old-GOP-era talking points of advocating for a balanced budget and pro-life issues.

“At RSC, what we’ve been focused on is really developing an agenda, the traditional conservative issues that RSC has always been involved with: balanced budgets and fiscal responsibility, we released our budget last week, strong national defense, and pro-life, social conservative issues. But really, President Trump, where he’s led our party, is to be more focused on the China threat and RSC has been very active on that front,” Banks said.

He added, “And China trade issues, big tech issues are very important to RSC, we’re very active in that space, confronting the big tech’s free speech and censorship of conservatives. We have our election integrity bill that I introduced, the Save Democracy Act. RSC is doing more on the immigration front than it has ever done before, and we look forward to talking to him about that.”

In one memo titled “Cementing GOP as the Working Class Party,” given to House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) back in late March, Banks argued that the Republicans, thanks to Trump, is the party of the Working Class and their future of the GOP in 2022 depends on them “embrac[ing] our new coalition.”

“President Trump gave the Republican Party a political gift: we are now the party supported by most working-class voters. The question is whether Republicans reject that gift or unwrap it and permanently become the Party of the Working Class,” the memo says. “There is an embittered and loud minority in the GOP that finds our new coalition distasteful, but President Trump’s gift didn’t come with a receipt. Members that want to swap out working- class voters because they resent President Trump’s impact on the GOP are wrong. In fact, they are intentionally sabotaging Republicans’ political future.”

“Our electoral success in the 2022 midterm election will be determined by our willingness to embrace our new coalition. House Republicans can broaden our electorate, increase voter turnout, and take back the House by enthusiastically rebranding and reorienting as the Party of the Working Class,” Banks adds, detailing ideas for how Republicans could make further inroads with working class voters.

Banks noted that Trump during his presidency met with the House conservative caucus multiple times and the committee are looking for him to continue to play a large role in shaping the GOP party moving forward.

Members of the RSC from Florida includes Reps. Gus Bilirakis, Kat Cammack, Neal Dunn, Scott Franklin, Bill Posey, Greg Steube, and Michael Waltz. Rep. Byron Donalds is also a member of the committee where he plays a leadreship role of the RCS, being part of the Ex-Officio steering member of the caucus.

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Mona Salama

Mona Salama