Biden Gives VP Harris Another New Job To Lead Administration Fight Expanding Voting Rights

Biden Gives VP Harris Another New Job To Lead Administration Fight Expanding Voting Rights

Mona Salama
Mona Salama
June 1, 2021

President Biden has tapped Vice President Kamala Harris with another White House assignment, adding to an ever-growing list of presidential responsibilities she’s has been put in charge of, this time tasking her with the role of leading the administration's effort to push for federal voting rights legislation.

"I'm asking Vice President Harris to help these efforts and lead them, among her many other responsibilities," Biden said during remarks commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa massacre."With her leadership, and your support, we're going to overcome again, I promise you. But it's going to take a hell of a lot of work."

In a statement after the announcement, Harris said she will work with Congress, community and voting rights organizations, and the "private sector" to push voting rights efforts both nationally and in statehouses.

"President Joe Biden asked me to help lead our Administration’s effort to protect the fundamental right to vote for all Americans. In the days and weeks ahead, I will engage the American people, and I will work with voting rights organizations, community organizations, and the private sector to help strengthen and uplift efforts on voting rights nationwide. And we will also work with members of Congress to help advance these bills," Harris said in the statement. "Our Administration will not stand by when confronted with any effort that keeps Americans from voting."

Harris added, "We must protect the fundamental right to vote for all Americans regardless of where they live. There are two important bills in Congress that would do just that. The For the People Act would provide all Americans with fair and accessible voting options, and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act would prevent discriminatory changes to voting laws and procedures."

Before announcing Harris' new assignment added to her portfolio, Biden quickly condemned Republican-led states over their efforts for what he called an "unprecedented assault" on the right to vote at a level he had never had seen before and called them "simply un-American."

"I'm going to fight like heck" to maintain and expand voting access, Biden said in his speech, renewing his calls for the Senate to pass the "For The People Act."

"This sacred right is under assault with incredible intensity like I’ve never seen, even though I got started as a public defender and a civil rights lawyer, with an intensity and aggressiveness that we’ve not seen in a long, long time. It’s simply un-American. It’s not, however, sadly, unprecedented," Biden continued.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has already pledged to bring H.R. 1 up for a Senate vote this month, shortly after Congress returns from its Memorial Day break.

"June should be a month of action on Capitol Hill. I hear all the folks on TV saying, 'Why doesn’t Biden get this done?' Well, because Biden only has a majority of effectively four votes in the House and a tie in the Senate," Biden added.

H.R1/S.R.1, dubbed "For the People Act" is the Democrats' latest power grab legislation that seeks to fit their partisan agenda with their sweeping ethics and elections bill designed to overhaul the nation’s election law dramatically. . The 791-page bill aims to impose a slew of new national requirements, including mandate same-day voter registration on Election Day, expand early and mail-in voting, restoring voting rights to former felons after completing their sentencing and prevent states from cleaning their voter roll database. It would also require states to include drop boxes in every state for absentee ballots drop-off while barring states from restricting the ability to vote by mail.

The Democratic-led effort is in response to voter integrity laws being passed in Republican states like Georgia, Florida, and Texas. Democrats, especially Biden, have repeatedly made false and debunked statements about the Republican-led bills, negatively portraying them as a "voter suppression" bill. Georgia, who became the first GOP state to pass the voter integrity bill into law, was falsely characterized by Biden as "Jim Crow on steroids." The mass hysteria remarks from Biden in response led to Major League Baseball to move the All-Star Game out of Atlanta to Colorado, causing the Peach State over $100 million in revenue.

Over the weekend, Biden criticized the Texas voting integrity bill as an “assault on democracy" and "wrong and un-American." Harris also echoed Biden sentiment, adding, "We need to make it easier for eligible voters to vote. Not harder."

The new assignment expands to a rapidly charged task portfolio Biden has dropped on his No. 2., including addressing the root causes of migration from Northern Triangle counties amid the surge of migrants crossing the Southern border. a role in which she has largely brushed to the side while passing her responsibility role as a task of the Biden's Department of Homeland Security.

However, critics noted that Biden continues to pass over his presidential responsibility to someone who refuses to pay a visit to the southern border in order to see firsthand the ever-growing man-made crisis since being appointed border czar in late March.

Harris also has in her portfolio a role expanding access to broadband internet to third world nations and the U.S. Space Force.

Mona Salama

Mona Salama

Mona Salama is a political reporter for The Floridian covering Congress, the White House and Congressional elections.

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