Rubio Calls Delta Airlines 'Woke' Corporate Hypocrites'

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
April 1, 2021

After news surfaced of Georgia’s newly implemented voting laws, Florida quickly followed in trying to implement its own voting laws. Delta Airlines shortly announced that they would be pulling business out of Georgia because of the laws, but Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) is now slamming the airlines, calling them "'woke' corporate hypocrites" for partnering with the Communist Party of China.

On Twitter, Rubio released a video discussing the matter, commenting that Delta is “business partners with the Chinese Communist Party, the same Chinese Communist Party that is committing genocide against Uyghur Muslims inside of China.” This has drawn public outcry across the United States as lawmakers have voiced their disagreement with China hosting the upcoming Winter Olympics.

Rubio argued that he is looking “forward to a letter today, from their CEO, telling everyone that what the Chinese Communist Party is doing with genocide is unacceptable.” He also added that. The letter should address that “genocide does not reflect the values of Delta Airlines.”

However, he’s doubtful that the letter will be sent, and he also went after other companies like Coca-Cola or “other corporations that are out there, proving to the world how ‘woke’ they are.”

In short, he called them “'woke’ corporate hypocrites” who “make billions of dollars in a country that doesn’t even have elections.”

The tension between the United States and China has risen since the time that President Donald Trump (R) assumed office. Most recently, pro-democracy activists Jimmy Lai and Martin Lee were convicted over the 2019 protests that took place in Hong Kong.

This drew heavy criticism from the likes of Senator Rick Scott (R) who argued that “General Secretary Xi hates democracy & will try to ruin anyone who stands for liberty and human rights.”

Delta Airlines has not responded to Senator Rubio’s comments.


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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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