Trump Considering Potential 2024 Presidential Run If GOP Reclaims Both House And Senate in 2022

Trump Considering Potential 2024 Presidential Run If GOP Reclaims Both House And Senate in 2022

Mona Salama
Mona Salama
March 16, 2021

Former President Trump hinted Tuesday that he won't make a final decision on making an ultimate comeback in 2024 until he sees the Republican Party "take back the House and do better in the Senate" in the 2022 midterm.

"Based on every poll, they want me to run again but we’re going to take a look and we’ll see," Trump told Fox News's Maria Bartiromo in a rare wide-ranging interview Tuesday evening. "First steps first, we have to see what we can do with the House."

Trump has teased a potential 2024 bid while he was in the middle of contesting the 2020 election, saying at that time a comeback would be his last resort if the ongoing legal challenges failed at overturning the 2020 "rigged election."

The former president noted the Republican unpredicted gains made in the House during the 2020 general election as reasons he believes the party has a "very good chance" to take back the majority and finally retire House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

However, regarding the GOP taking back the Senate, Trump emphasized his belief the upper chamber having a "chance to do better," if there is "better leadership," referencing without mentioning his name, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Trump has remained critical of the Senate GOP leader following the second impeachment trial in February. Despite McConnell being one of the 43 GOP Senators in voting to acquit, he delivered a blistering condemnation of the former president shortly after.

"I think we have a chance to do better in the Senate," Trump said. "We need leadership in the Senate, which frankly we don't have. We need better leadership in the Senate, you have a good chance to take back the Senate, and frankly, we'll make our decision after that."

The former president also believes that once voters see what Democrats are doing in Congress, along with all the things occurring under President Biden with his handling of the surging border crisis, eliminating the Keystone XL Pipelines, and other things it would sway voters to elect Republicans.

During the interview, the former president did single out McConnell by name as the main reason the GOP lost the majority in the upper chamber. Trump placed the bulk of the blame on McConnell for losing the twin Georgia Senate runoff in January, along with the fake news from The Washington Post in misquoting the former president on the Georgia election story that "affected" the Senate race.

"That was a disaster," Trump said. "Mitch McConnell made a tremendous mistake. He lost those two seats."

WaPo ran a huge retraction earlier this week of its "scoop" based on a single anonymous source in reporting that Trump supposedly urged a Georgia election official to "find the fraud" in a suburban Atlanta county late last year. However, two months after the story dominated the news ahead of the Georgia Senate runoffs, the actual audio file of that phone conversation turned up, and found that Trump asked the chief investigator to conduct a thorough investigation of Fulton County votes out of concern that "something bad happened" to the ballots from the area.

Trump also encouraged his supporters to get inoculated with the "great and "safe" COVID vaccine after a recent poll found that only 47 percent of Republicans don’t plan on getting the jab, with 49 percent of those being Republican men.

"I would recommend it," Trump said. "And I would recommend it to a lot of people that don't want to get it and a lot of those people voted for me, frankly. But again, we have our freedoms and we have to live by that and I agree with that also. But it is a great vaccine. It is a safe vaccine and it is something that works."

Last year, Trump led the effort with Operation Warp Speed in pouring billions into coronavirus vaccine research and development that cultivating the condition the creation of three vaccines in record time. Despite Trump's efforts, Biden since taking office has claimed full credit for the miracle COVID vaccine rollout and distribution, while he and his administration have falsely claimed that his predecessor left him with no available vaccines.

On rumors surrounding Meghan Markle's looking into a 2024 presidential bid, Trump told Maria Bartiromo if those speculations are proven to be true, he said he’s more likely to jump in.

"Well, I hope that happens because if that happened I think I’d have an even stronger feeling toward running," Trump said.

Mona Salama

Mona Salama

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