Rubio Blames Biden for Border Crisis

Rubio Blames Biden for Border Crisis

Biden destroys strong border policy

Jim McCool
Jim McCool
March 3, 2021

After a rather dirty presidential election, immigration remained a top concern for voters, especially in the state of Florida.

Although Florida is a melting pot state and arguably has the most diverse demographic in the Union, the state did not fail to deliver a solid Trump victory in the past election.  Keep in mind President Trump’s (R) proven record on a secure border, with harsher policies than simple catch and release.

However, President Biden (D) played to a different tune in his election rhetoric, promising open borders, 11 million illegal aliens a path to citizenship, and blaming the cages that were built during his Vice Presidency on Trump.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R), a long-time Florida resident, and a descendant of immigrants believes this type of policy is, “going to get really bad, really fast.”

The Senator commented on Biden’s history of remarks:

“This is all about messaging and imagery right? And so when you have somebody [Biden] run for president that basically sends out the impression that, yes, we’re going to welcome people here illegally, that stuff spreads.”- Sen. Marco Rubio

Rubio believes that Biden’s plan fails to realize the true nature of how these immigrants get here illegally, which according to Rubio is through traffickers.  The Senator adds that “There are traffickers that go out and recruit people and say, ‘Hey, I can get you into America.’

And while the incentive for people to come here is high, we simply do not know what could happen to these people on their journey here.  Rubio claims that this desperation has, “created an incentive for children to be sent towards the border as a passport.”

Incidentally, the open border temptation could cause illegal aliens to fall victim to a tragedy like human trafficking. And with a great GDP, people all over South America, not just Mexico, could rush to the border, and make Rubio’s point that, “a rush on the border creates all kinds of chaos and a humanitarian crisis.”

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Jim McCool

Jim McCool

Jim is an 18-year-old Pre-law student and has lived in Florida for 15 years. He is a member of the Benjamin Franklin Society of Scholars, received the 'Spirit of the American Legion' award, and was the President and founder of his high school's debate and moot court teams. On the side, he enjoys football, academics, politics and is a self-proclaimed patriot.