Pelosi In Full Meltdown Calls GOP Senators ‘Cowardly Group’ For Voting In Trump’s Acquittal

Pelosi In Full Meltdown Calls GOP Senators ‘Cowardly Group’ For Voting In Trump’s Acquittal

Mona Salama
Mona Salama
February 13, 2021

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) scoffed at a group of “cowardly” GOP Senators who voted to acquit former President Donald Trump on the charge of inciting an insurrection, suggesting they “can’t get another job,” and wanted to make sure they are re-elected.

“It had not been my intention to come to this press availability. What we saw in that Senate today was a cowardly group of Republicans who apparently have no options because they were afraid to defend their job, respect the institution in which they serve,” Pelosi said, appearing shaken with anger when giving her remarks.

“The President of the Senate, Mike Pence – ‘Hang Mike Pence’ was the chant and they just dismissed that.  Why?  Because maybe they can’t get another job.  What is so important about any one of us?  What is so important about the political survival of any one of us that is more important than our Constitution that we take an oath to protect and defend?” Pelosi added.

Pelosi went into a full meltdown after the vote during the House managers’ post-acquittal press conference that she hijacked. She singled out Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for publicly criticizing the former president but refusing to take the House article to trigger a trial before Jan 20.

“But why I came over was because I listened to Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell, who when this distinguished group of House Managers were gathered on January 15th to deliver the Article of Impeachment were told it could not be received because Mitch McConnell had shut down the Senate and was going to keep it shut down until right, until the inauguration,” Pelosi angrily recounted.

“So, for Mitch McConnell, who created the situation where it could not have been heard before the 20th or even begun before the 20th in the Senate, to say all the things he said, oh, my gosh, about Donald Trump and how horrible he was and is, and then say, ‘But the time that the House chose to bring it over’ – no, we didn’t choose.  You chose not to receive it.  So, I think that’s really important and then again, it doesn’t matter,” she added.

When asked if she thinks that the Justice Department should pursue the legal course, Pelosi deflected by continuing 

McConnell, following the Senate acquittal vote, delivered a blistering condemnation of the former president, calling him “morally responsible” for the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. However, just moments before his remarks, McConnell joined the group of 43 GOP Senators in voting to acquit the former president, saying he believes Trump couldn’t be convicted as a former president. 

“There’s no question — none — that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day. No question about it. The people who stormed this building believed they were acting on the wishes and instructions of their president,” McConnell said. 

Pelosi in a statement took a victory lap in defeat, pointing to the seven “moderate” Republicans who voted to convict and marking it an “overwhelming bipartisan” vote in history.

“Our House Managers laid out a case of overwhelming and irrefutable evidence of this searing truth: that Donald Trump incited a violent mob to attack the Capitol and then refused to intervene to stop the attack, even as his mob threatened to ‘hang Mike Pence,'” Pelosi said in the statement.

“Today an overwhelming bipartisan vote to convict Donald Trump speaks to the courage of the United States Senate.  I salute the Republican Senators who voted their conscience and for our Country.  Other Senate Republicans’ refusal to hold Trump accountable for igniting a violent insurrection to cling to power will go down as one of the darkest days and most dishonorable acts in our nation’s history,” Pelosi added.

Failure to convict Trump twice in one year, some Democrats are looking into the option of censuring the former president. Pelosi when asked about censuring the former president slammed those efforts as inadequate.

“We censure people for using stationary for the wrong purpose. We don’t censure people for inciting insurrection that kills people in the Capitol,” Pelosi said furiously while physically slapping herself on the wrist before leaving the press conference.

The Senate just voted to acquit Trump in his second impeachment trial. The vote was 57-43, with seven Republicans joining the Democrats. Senators needed a two-thirds majority to convict the former president and were 10 short of making this possible.

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Mona Salama

Mona Salama