Too Many Malpractice Lawsuits Hurt Doctors, Nurses, and Patients

Too Many Malpractice Lawsuits Hurt Doctors, Nurses, and Patients

December 29, 2020

Dear Editor, We read all the time about medical malpractice lawsuits generating tens of thousands of dollars, but we should remember that letting them get out of hand, like they are here in Florida, does major damage to healthcare providers and makes treatment less accessible for patients.  I’ve seen this firsthand with family and friends.

How is this possible? Medical malpractice suits are expensive and as costs rise for doctors, they rise for patients as well. That’s because lawsuits make practicing medicine more expensive, and healthcare providers need to offset that cost. Unfortunately, that means costlier insurance premiums as well.

We already have a doctor and nursing shortage.  Why stay in a state where you are sued for doing your job?  And now, the lawyers seem to be lining up on covid-19 lawsuits as well.  I hope the legislature does the right thing in the coming days to help with some liability protection and keep our doctors and nurses safe from being sued for doing the hard work that keeps us alive.


Nina Torres

17610 Shadyside Circle

Lutz, FL  33549





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