JUICE - Florida Politics' Juicy Read -12.4.20 - Is Florida Ready for 2022 Mid-Term - Mast Calls Out Anti-Semite Tlaib- Rubio, DeSantis, Fried, Rizzo, And More...

JUICE - Florida Politics' Juicy Read -12.4.20 - Is Florida Ready for 2022 Mid-Term - Mast Calls Out Anti-Semite Tlaib- Rubio, DeSantis, Fried, Rizzo, And More...

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
December 4, 2020


Are Floridians Ready for 2022?

While the 2020 presidential election is over (except for the actual presidential race), the 2022 mid-term cycle is just beginning, Gov. Ron DeSantis and the rest of the executive cabinet are all up for reelection, as is Senator Marco Rubio.

Sen. Rubio has already announced his reelection bid a couple of weeks back and appears to have done so to try to corral that anti-Socialism energy that helped Republicans crush Democrats statewide.

Who will challenge Rubio?

Rep. Val Demings? Rep. Ted Deutch (pictured)? Some self-funder?

And then there is Rep. Stephanie Murphy, whose campaign has recently question Rubio’s whereabouts.

We asked Rep. Murphy this week about her 2022 intentions, and the well-versed Murphy gave us a standard boilerplate response of being focused on her job and having to deal with the spreading pandemic.

In other words, Murphy is seriously considering a run against Rubio.

But can she win?

As far as Gov. DeSantis goes, Democrats will probably put up AG Commissioner Nikki Fried, who has all but announced her run for governor.

Fried has been relentless with her criticism of DeSantis to the point of looking and sounding a little stalkerish. 

But can she win?

Who else can Democrats put up to run against DeSantis?

Andrew Gillum again? (LOL)

Rubio Plowing the 2022 Mid-Term Road

He’s saying and doing all the right things about all the right players. Rubio is in a good place with both Gov. DeSantis and President Donald Trump. 

He and DeSantis will have to play off one another and need Trump’s influence to help them along with his base. 

Rubio will also tap into the aforementioned anti-Socialism movement that swept the nation, especially in the Boogie Down community of Miami, where thousands of Socialism-hating Hispanics reside. READ MORE HERE


Rep. Brian Mast @RepBrianMast-The VA’s continued use of taxpayer dollars to conduct painful and wasteful experiments on cats and kittens is unacceptable. I helped introduce the bipartisan CATS Act today to bring these barbaric tests to an end once and for all!

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz @RepDWStweets-If you are experiencing ANY #COVID symptoms or have been within 6 feet of an infected person for a total of 15 minutes or more, the CDC recommends you get tested as soon as possible. Find your nearest testing site here:







Brian Mast

Mast calls Tlaib an “anti-semite” over anti-Israel tweet” by The Floridian’s Javier Manjarres – House Democrats have been very quiet about Rep. Rashida Tlaib‘s “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” anti-Israel retweet that promotes the destruction of the state of Israel. But Florida Congressman Brian Mast, who is very familiar with the phrase, took with Tlaib and has dismissed her as being nothing more than an anti-semite. Rep. Mast, who volunteered in the Israeli Defense Forces, told The Floridian that “it’s nothing new that she’s an anti-semitic person that seems to hate Israel. “You can extend this even beyond, from the Jordan to the sea. You can go beyond that and talk about the land bridge, that basically Iran through the auspices of Hezbollah are looking to extend through the entire region and eliminate Israel,” said Mast, who is very familiar with the anti-Israel phrase. “It’s nothing new that she’s an antisemitic person that seems to hate Israel,” Rep. Brian Mast According to The Jerusalem Post, Tlaib deleted the tweet. Fellow Floridian, Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D), responded to the deleted tweet by simply stating that she stood “committed to the US-Israel relationship,” and that she couldn’t control what Tlaib says or does. Tlaib has made her disdain for Israel very clear and her opposition to the very existence of the state of Israel and support for the BDS movement tells you all you need to know about Tlaib’s anti-Israel position.

The Next Barry Sanders? >>> Anthony Rubio ranks #1 in Miami among sophomore running banks

“Rubio Backs DeSantis on Handling of Pandemic” by The Floridian’s Daniel Molina – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has received criticism over his response to the COVID-19 pandemic, primarily from Florida Democrats positioning themselves to run for higher office in the state. The sunshine state has seen skyrocketing numbers of COVID-19 cases, but the Governor maintains that the state is moving ahead to ensure that vaccines will be readily available to those that need it along with supplying the proper therapeutic measures to those that have been greatly affected by the virus. Specifically, Governor Desantis announced in November that “since July, the state of Florida has been actively preparing and purchasing supplies to distribute safe and effective vaccines to hospitals across the state.” This preparation includes 5 million needles, 5 million syringes, and 5 million alcohol swabs. This week, Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) was interviewed on FOX News regarding his thoughts on how Governor DeSantis has responded to the pandemic, and the Florida lawmaker had nothing but praise for DeSantis. “Governor DeSantis and the state of Florida is often characterized in most of the legacy media as some sort of COVID disaster, all right?” he questioned. However, the sunshine state Senator noted that “New York, who has less people than Florida, has more cases, more deaths. And nonetheless, their governor wins an Emmy because of his press conferences.” Calling the move “stupid,” he also admitted that “this is the kind of hypocrisy” that Americans have been dealing with during the pandemic.

“Rubio : Trump has the right to go ‘all the way to Supreme Court’ by The Floridian’s Daniel Molina – In an exclusive interview with The Floridian, Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) spoke to Publisher Javier Manjarres about the results of the 2020 presidential election, possible Supreme Court intervention, and what lies ahead in the political arena as lawmakers look towards 2022. President Trump (R) is involved in challenging the election results, arguing that there was widespread voter fraud that led to Vice President Biden (D) being projected the winner of the election. Senator Rubio is one of a number of Republicans that support the President’s efforts to legally challenge the outcome of the election, and Rubio expressed that “it’s impossible to hold an election involving 140 million… people and not have some irregularity,” noting that “the question is whether there was enough of it to change the outcome in the right places, and on that you know I have no basis on which to opine because I don’t live in Michigan, Georgia, in places that are in question.” “I do believe the president as any candidate does has the right to use all the processes the law allows and provides – go to canvassing boards go to court present evidence in court and in many cases because it’s the presidential race to take it all the way to the Supreme Court. So, people can hyperventilate because he hasn’t conceded, but the president has a legal right to go all the way to the Supreme Court and it appears he intends to.” - Sen. Marco Rubio.

“Georgia investigates Florida Lawyer for voter fraud” by WDEF’s Collins Parker – Georgia election officials have been warning people in other states to stay out of the January runoffs. The warnings came after democrats on the west coast posted online that people should move to Georgia just to vote in the Senate runoffs and then go home. But now they are investigating a Florida lawyer for trying the same ploy. Ironically, he is a Republican in Panama City. Bill Price was speaking to a Republican group after the election and it was recorded. In the video, he says “I will invite each and every one of you to be my roommate in Georgia. I’m moving to Georgia. I’m changing my voter registration right now and I’m inviting 2 million people to be my roommates if they want. We’ll make room for you at the dinner table.” “But we have to win that election in Georgia. And so I’m moving to my brother’s house in Hiram, Georgia and I’m registering to vote, and we’re going to win that election in January and that’s what needs to be done.” Georgia officials say he did try to register for the runoff, but the registration is pending. Price now says it was all a joke. “Make no mistake, individuals who attempt to undermine the integrity of Georgia’s elections will be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” said Secretary Raffensperger.

“Florida officials were asked to avoid public statements on coronavirus before election: report” by The Hill’s Joseph Choi – Florida state officials were asked to avoid public statements regarding the coronavirus in the lead up to the 2020 election, according to an investigative report by the Sun Sentinel. Three Florida health officials, who told the Sentinel they wished to remain unidentified, said they were told not to speak about COVID-19 until after the Nov. 3 election. Instead, they were instructed to talk about other health issues like the flu and hearing loss. A senior health department official said, “It is all part of the top-down control of messaging from the governor’s office.” The order reportedly came from Alberto Moscoso, the communications director for the state health department, according to the outlet. It remains unclear who above Moscoso directed him to issue the order. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has been a vocal supporter and ally of President Trump, and has made statements in the past downplaying the severity of the virus. The Trump administration's handling of the coronavirus pandemic has been widely criticized by opponents and Democrats, including President-elect Joe Biden, who hammered Trump on the issue during presidential debates. Reporters for the Sentinel interviewed more than 50 people, including political leaders, state health department employees and state officials regarding COVID-19 and DeSantis's administration. The newspaper also reviewed more than 4,000 pages of documents.

“Florida Dems chief Rizzo won't seek another term, wants to hang on to PBC chair” by Palm Beach Post’s Christine Stapleton – Terrie Rizzo, who for nearly three years has juggled dual roles as chair of the Palm Beach County and Florida Democratic Party, will not seek another term as head of the state party. But she hopes to hang on to the reins of the local party chapter. Rizzo made her decision to not seek another term as state chair Thursday, the day after she filed paperwork with the Palm Beach County Democratic Party saying she will seek another term as party chair at the party's Dec. 8 virtual meeting and election. Orlando state Rep. Anna Eskamani said she supported Rizzo's decision, but wanted to see other state party officials step down, too. "I fully support her decision to not seek re-election as Chairwoman of the Florida Democratic Party and ask the Executive Director to also step down," Eskamani said in a statement. "We need new leadership that is not tied to corporate influence and the consultant class and rebuild Florida’s Democratic Party from the bottom, up." There was praise, too, for Rizzo's leadership. “The FDP under Terrie Rizzo’s leadership moved mountains in building party infrastructure," said Joy Howell, Democratic communications consultant. "Most tellingly, we saw in the results nationwide that Democrats did not flip a single state legislature, so clearly there is much more work to do nationally and in Florida in re-establishing the Democratic Party as the party of working people.”

“DeSantis tells Trump to 'fight on,' takes aim at science and has beef with John Roberts” by Politico’s Gary Fineout – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday told a private gathering of political donors and corporate executives that he has urged President Donald Trump to “fight on" to overturn November’s election results. In wide-ranging remarks made in person behind closed doors at a meeting of the Associated Industries of Florida, DeSantis dismissed the risks of the coronavirus, contradicted science and targeted U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. He also defended Trump's attempt to fight the results of the election. “I told the president to fight on,” DeSantis told the group gathered at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes resort hotel in Orlando, according to a recording of the speech obtained by POLITICO. “In reality, none of this stuff has succeeded yet. Time is running out.” DeSantis, a Republican, has been one of Trump’s staunchest allies. Days after the election, in an appearance on Fox News, he suggested that the Republican-controlled Legislatures in Pennsylvania and Michigan should overturn results in those states. He has said little about the election since. On Thursday, however, the governor predicted that the “crazy stuff” sought by Democrats would be “dead on arrival” in Congress given the party's slim majority in the House and the prospect of Republicans retaining control of the Senate after a Georgia run-off vote in January. Given the likelihood of a congressional impasse, DeSantis predicted that President-elect Joe Biden will use executive orders to carry out his agenda items, including on climate change, an issue that DeSantis said was not a major issue for voters. Republican attorneys general will fight those orders in the courts, he said.

“Florida Senate education committees set” by Tampa Bay Times’ Jeffrey S. Solochek – Two educators serve in the Florida Senate. Both will sit on at least one education-related committee for the upcoming 2021 legislative session. But they will be outnumbered by lawyers and businesspeople, who also have the larger representation in the upper chamber.

Five of the 10-member Education Committee, which reviews policy issues, are attorneys. The nine-member Education Appropriations subcommittee is a bit more balanced, with three legal professionals. Republicans, who hold the majority in the Senate, also keep an edge on each committee, though Democrat Shevrin Jones — one of the two educators — was named vice chairman of the policy panel. The other educator, Hialeah Republican Manny Diaz Jr., will be vice chairman of the appropriations subcommittee while also serving on the policy committee. So who’s on each? Here’s the rundown: Education — Joe Gruters, R-Sarasota, CPA (chairman); Jones; Lori Berman, D-Boynton Beach, attorney; Jennifer Bradley, R-Orange Park, attorney; Doug Broxson, R-Pensacola, insurance; Diaz; Travis Hutson, R-Palm Coast, real estate developer; Kathleen Passidomo, R-Naples, attorney; Tina Polsky, D-Boca Raton, attorney; Perry Thurston, D-Fort Lauderdale, attorney

“Florida agriculture commissioner considers running against Governor DeSantis” by NBC’s Dave Elias –It’s been speculated for months that one of the Florida governor’s own cabinet members may run against him. Nikki Fried is currently the state’s agriculture commissioner and she tells NBC-2 exclusively she’s seriously considering a run against Governor Ron DeSantis. Fried has name recognition in fact that name appears on every gas pump in the state. In the past, Fried wouldn’t say if she would consider taking on the governor but that is not what she is saying now. “Certainly it’s something I’m exploring. That we’re exploring,” she noted. Sources said, she could make her run official just after the holidays. “I have three young stepsons and a fiancé who has a large say in what happens as far as making this decision,” Fried said.

“Reemployment tax increase coming to Florida businesses in 2021” by Wink News – Businesses already hurting from the pandemic will take another hit next year. The tax they pay tied to the unemployment system is going up. “It’s been a tough year already with coronavirus, but we have to do we have to do,” said Chris Blauvelt, the owner of The Standard restaurant in downtown Fort Myers. Blauvelt says it’s another hurdle he’s willing to jump. “We have to pay our taxes, and we have to support our community,” Blauvelt said. “That’s all part of it.” Florida Department of Revenue calculates, next year, businesses will need to pay more toward unemployment insurance, partly because of how many people collected unemployment this year. In 2020, a business paying the minimum reemployment tax rate paid $7 per employee over the year. In 2021, that same business will pay $20.30 per employee. For example, if a business has 100 employees, that’s an extra $1,300 in taxes next year. Businesses that have laid off any employees in the last three years will see even higher rates. “It’s going to be significant for some employers that haven’t planned,” said Carolyn Johnson, Director of Business, Economic Development & Innovation Policy at the Florida Chamber of Commerce. “Employers are already hurting due to the pandemic and having to shut down or having to reduce business during COVID.”

“Florida Governor DeSantis Says Nursing Homes Will Be 1st To Get COVID Vaccine” by Associated Press – Residents in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities will be the first to get a coronavirus vaccine when Florida begins receiving it later this month, Gov. Ron DeSantis said. DeSantis’ priorities, announced in in a video Wednesday evening, largely reflect the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “We want to get as much vaccine for our citizens as possible, but we know we will not, nor will any state, have enough to vaccinate everyone right off the bat,” DeSantis said in the three-minute video. He said long-term care residents are most vulnerable to the virus. “They are at the greatest risk and this vaccine can have a tremendously positive impact on them. No. 2 will be health care workers who are in high-risk and high-contact environments. And No. 3, to the extent we have enough, we want to start getting it out to the broader 65 and over communities as well as those who have significant comorbidities,” DeSantis said. The Florida Health Care Association, which represents nursing homes and assisted-living facilities, praised DeSantis for putting long-term care facilities at the top of the priority list. “We all recognize how challenging the pandemic has been for our long term caregivers, residents, and their families. We also know that a vaccine is the best path for returning to some sense of normalcy,” association executive director Emmett Reed said in a prepared statement. Through Tuesday, there have been 7,376 confirmed deaths from the virus among residents and staff at long-term care facilities. Overall, COVID-19 is blamed for more than 19,000 deaths in Florida and more than 1 million confirmed infections.

“Diaz and Barnes launch campaigns for Florida Democratic Party chair” by Politico’s Matt Dixon – Former Miami Mayor Manny Diaz and Democratic National Committee member Nikki Barnes have declared their candidacies for chair of the Florida Democratic Party, setting up a race between a prominent Miami Cuban and a Black woman. Diaz, who immigrated to Florida from Cuba, announced his bid Tuesday, a week after rolling out the support of billionaire donors Michael Bloomberg and Jorge Pérez. The announcement was designed to make a splash and clear the field, but Barnes told POLITICO late Monday that she also was running. In a statement announcing his candidacy, Diaz focused on the party’s lack of a permanent political infrastructure, a perpetual gripe among Florida Democrats, whose candidates were battered up and down the ballot on Election Day and have won just one of their past 12 statewide races. “We are in a pivotal moment in Florida,” Diaz said in a written statement. “We need to have our eyes on the long-term work of investing in and building a strong Florida Democratic Party that reflects the strength and diversity of our party, engages with and organizes voters year-round and mobilizes them to elect Democrats up and down the ticket in every corner of the state.” The Diaz campaign will be led by SEIU Florida Executive Director Marcus Dixon, a former policy director for South Florida Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson.


“White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah resigns” by Fox News’ Sam Dorman – White House Communications Director Alyssa Farrah is resigning from the Trump administration, she announced on Thursday. Farah, who entered the administration as Vice President Pence's press secretary in 2017, heaped praise on the president and touted his accomplishments. "I am deeply proud of the incredible things we were able to accomplish to make our country stronger, safer, and more secure," she said. "Under this Administration, the ISIS caliphate was destroyed, American hostages were returned home, NATO is stronger than ever, we’ve brokered historic Middle East peace deals, and I was on the ground in Kabul for the announcement of a historic peace deal between the Afghan Government and the Taliban aimed at ending America’s longest war."We delivered historic tax cuts, putting money back into the pockets of hard working Americans. We rebuilt the judiciary with Constitution abiding independent jurists and we worked to create the most inclusive economy in American history - that gives every citizen a real chance to achieve the American dream. "Finally, I’m honored to have worked with the entire team on Operation Warp speed who helped usher in a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine in record time that will save countless thousands of lives. I’m forever grateful to have had the opportunity to serve my country."

“Ilhan Omar paid husband’s firm another $138G before cutting ties, FEC files show” by Fox News’ Michael Ruiz – Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s campaign paid her husband’s media firm an additional $138,000 before severing ties following her successful re-election, federal campaign finance filings show. Omar’s husband, Tim Mynett, raked in millions during the 2020 campaign season from Omar’s campaign through his firm, the E Street Group LLC. The E Street Group’s latest payments were for $110,000 in digital advertising split among three payouts, $5,000 for digital consulting, $12,000 for fundraising consulting and another $11,118.25 for digital and literature production between Oct. 26 and the day after Election Day, according to the filings. Omar pledged in mid-November that she was cutting ties with the firm, and the payments were made before that, although they were not made public until the latest Federal Election Commission filings were released Thursday. The new payments are on top of another nearly $2.8 million her campaign already paid her husband’s firm. Before their marriage in March, Mynett’s firm already was doing work for Omar’s campaign, and has been paid more than half a million dollars. She said in a campaign email on Nov. 15 that she was cutting ties with the firm to put an end to questions about the connection between her campaign and his business. She has in the past denied any wrongdoing.

“GOP lawmakers ask SCOTUS to block final certification of PA votes count” by Fox News’ Shannon Bream – Republican lawmakers asked the Supreme Court on Thursday night to halt the vote certification process of general election results in Pennsylvania, a key battleground state won by President-elect Joe Biden. Their complaint alleges that procedures employed in the 2020 election violate the state’s constitution because the state has repeatedly rejected previous attempts to expand absentee voting by statute, “uniformly holding” that a constitutional amendment is required. Supreme Court Justice Samuel asked Pennsylvania officials to respond by Wednesday, Dec. 9, by 4 p.m. ET to the complaint. Lawmakers, led by Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Pa., characterize the expanded absentee voting methods used in response to the coronavirus pandemic as an “unconstitutional, no-excuse absentee voting scheme” and contend that ballots cast via this process are not valid. They are asking for any certifications, including a declared Biden victory, to be put on hold while the lawsuit is considered. Lawmakers are asking for an injunction that would prevent executives in the state, including Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf and Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, from tabulating, computing, canvassing, certifying, or otherwise finalizing the results. Biden won the presidency with the help of Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes. His winning the state with more than 81,000 votes out of nearly 7 million ballots that were cast. Most mail-in ballots were submitted by Democrats.

“CNN Exclusive: Biden says he will ask Americans to wear masks for the first 100 days he's in office” by CNN’s Dan Merica – President-elect Joe Biden told CNN's Jake Tapper on Thursday that he will ask Americans to wear masks for the first 100 days after he takes office, in a sign of how Biden's approach to the virus will be dramatically different from President Donald Trump's response. "Just 100 days to mask, not forever. One hundred days. And I think we'll see a significant reduction," Biden said for the first time in the interview with Tapper.

The wide-ranging conversation with Biden, his first joint interview with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris since winning the election, comes at a key time, as they build their administration and outline the policy priorities that will define their first year in office. And it comes as coronavirus cases and deaths have reached their highest levels to date, all while Trump is largely ignoring the dire moment and focusing almost exclusively on baselessly attacking the results of the election. The coronavirus pandemic has dominated Biden's transition, and the former vice president acknowledged that it will do the same during his first year in office, telling CNN that he has asked Dr. Anthony Fauci, a member of Trump's coronavirus task force, to be a chief medical adviser and part of his Covid-19 response team when his administration begins next month.

“Hispanic caucus expresses frustration to Biden team with how Michelle Lujan Grisham has been treated” by CNN’s Lauren Fox, Kate Sullivan, and Daniella Diaz – Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus expressed frustration in a meeting with leaders of President-elect Joe Biden's transition team on Thursday with how they believe New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has been treated in the Cabinet selection process. They took particular issue with what they say were leaks from the transition team about Grisham turning down a Cabinet position to lead the Department of Interior, saying that the leaks had the effect of being embarrassing for the governor. Members of the caucus have been pushing Biden to name Lujan Grisham, the first Democratic Latina to be elected governor in the United States, as his nominee for Health and Human Services secretary. The push is part of a broader effort to pressure Biden to name multiple Latino or Latina nominees to top posts in his administration. The group also wants California Attorney General Xavier Becerra or Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez to serve as US attorney general. Rep. Raul Grijalva of Arizona told CNN, that in the meeting, members expressed their frustration, hurt and disappointment about Lujan Grisham's treatment. The meeting was held virtually with incoming White House chief of staff Ron Klain, as well as key Biden transition team leaders Jeffrey Zients and Ted Kaufman. Rep. Ben Ray Lujan, a member from New Mexico, spoke up first, according to Grijalva, but was followed by a chorus of members in the CHC about the harm it had done to Lujan Grisham's reputation and other women who had been interested in positions in Biden's Cabinet.

“Trump's intelligence chief warns China is the greatest threat to US since WWII” by CNN’s Zahary Cohen – The Trump administration's most senior intelligence official issued a stark warning Thursday that China is preparing for "an open-ended period of confrontation with the US," urging bipartisan action to address "the greatest threat to America today" and to "democracy around the world since World War II." Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe also charged in a new Wall Street Journal op-ed that China targeted several dozen members of Congress and congressional aides in a massive influence campaign this year Ratcliffe's piece was just the latest warning from senior administration officials about China's intentions, with some warning of possible military action in Asia and others pointing to unprecedented efforts to influence the incoming Biden administration. The op-ed comes as the Trump administration has recently taken several concrete measures against Beijing, sharply limiting visas for members of the Chinese Communist Party and unveiling new sanctions on Chinese companies. The Trump administration also ordered China to close their consulate in Houston earlier this year due to allegations that Chinese diplomats at the post were intimidating US citizens and carrying out espionage efforts. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo earlier this year defined the Chinese Communist Party as the "central threat of our times."

Ratcliffe struck a more urgent tone Thursday than in previous comments, underscoring the fact that he and other senior national security officials in the Trump administration are seeking to put a marker down on China in their final days on the job.

“Trump, RNC Raised $207.5 Million After Election Day” by WSJ’s Julie Bykowicz and Chad Day – President Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee have raised more than $207.5 million in the weeks since Election Day, his campaign said Thursday, as their claims of voting fraud have generated a financial windfall that could be deployed in future political ventures. Despite an aggressive legal effort by the president’s attorneys in many states, there has been no evidence of widespread fraud and numerous federal and state officials have disputed the campaign’s fraud claims. The size of the postelection fundraising haul between Nov. 4 and Nov. 23 is unprecedented for a losing candidate, much less an outgoing president. The fundraising total ensures Mr. Trump will have a considerable war chest at his disposal as a major figure in the Republican Party, especially as he contemplates a second White House bid. Bill Stepien, Mr. Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, nodded at that ambition in a joint statement with RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel announcing the fundraising total, saying Mr. Trump “remains the leader and source of energy for the Republican Party.” Most political committees, including for presidential candidates, must file postelection fundraising reports by midnight Thursday to the Federal Election Commission. Those reports will include more details about how the $207.5 million has been deployed. That total is spread across the Trump campaign, two joint-fundraising committees, the RNC and a new political committee Mr. Trump set up in the days after the election.

“Coronavirus Stimulus Talks Moving in Right Direction, Party Leaders Say” by WSJ’s Kristina Peterson and Andrew Duehren – Lawmakers dove into negotiations Thursday over the two thorniest components of a new coronavirus aid package as momentum grew for a roughly $900 billion compromise proposal designed to break the congressional stalemate in time for the Christmas holiday. Earlier this week, a bipartisan group from the House and Senate had reached broad consensus around a new $908 billion aid package that included funding for state and local governments and legal protections for businesses and other entities operating during the pandemic. Lawmakers wrestled Thursday over the details of those parts of the proposal, which also includes money for unemployment insurance, small businesses and vaccine distribution, among other measures. “The number is not the problem,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.). “It’s policy differences.” Mr. Graham, a new voice in support of the bipartisan proposal, said he had spoken about the package with President Trump. “The president’s of the mind-set a bill would be good for the country, he would like to see it happen, but it’s got to have the right policy,” he said. Both Mr. Trump and President-elect Joe Biden have urged Congress to reach a deal. “I think we are getting very close,” Mr. Trump said Thursday. “I want it to happen. And I believe we are getting very close to a deal.”

“Senate Passes Bill to Clear Green-Card Backlog for Indian Immigrants” by WSJ’s Michelle Hackman – The Senate unanimously passed a bill late Wednesday aimed at clearing a backlog of green cards for primarily Indian immigrants, after more than a year of wrangling following House passage of a similar bill in 2019. The bill lifts caps on the number of permanent-residency permits, commonly known as green cards, awarded to immigrants from any one country who come to the U.S. with job offers. That would allow people who have waited in the backlog the longest—primarily Indian immigrants on H-1B high-skill visas—to receive green cards first under a revamped system. The bill was approved under a procedure known as unanimous consent, which allows legislation with no opposition to pass without moving through the normal process of roll-call votes and hearings. Considerable differences exist between the Senate and House bills, and the short window for consolidating them in the current session of Congress clouds the prospect of a law taking effect soon. Sen. Mike Lee (R., Utah), the bill’s sponsor, has attempted to bring up the country-caps bill on four previous occasions in the last year and a half, though each time a different senator objected, forcing Mr. Lee to alter the bill to meet specific demands. As a result, the bill that passed contains a small carve-out intended for nurses from the Philippines—a key demand from hospital groups backed by Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.)—and provisions imposing restrictions on companies that employ half their workers on H-1B visas. The most recent objection came from Sen. Rick Scott (R., Fla.), who inserted two measures backed by the White House. The first would impose a new cap of sorts for the next decade on the overall number of immigrants on H-1B visas who can receive green cards. The second could severely restrict future immigration from China

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump-Whistleblowers reveal that the USPS is responsible for tampering with hundreds of thousands of ballots. @OANN

This long time Democrat stronghold got rid of massive numbers, especially in swing states, during and before delivery of the ballots. Well documented evidence!

Joe Biden -It’s time we reward hard work in America — not just wealth.

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