Scott files VOTER Act to combat voter fraud
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Scott files VOTER Act to combat voter fraud


Republicans have been divided regarding the 2020 election results as President Donald Trump (R) has moved forward with a series of litigations to contest the results. The electoral college is set to meet on December 14th to formally vote for the next President, and a small number of Republicans have already moved forward with congratulating Vice President Joe Biden (D), calling on Americans to unite behind Biden.

However, other Republicans have been vocally supporting of President Trump’s decision to not concede and to instead contest the results, and one of those Republicans is former Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) who, this week, took to Twitter to comment on the matter.

On Twitter, the Florida Senator asserted that “the American people have lost confidence in our electoral process,” adding that his “VOTER Act aims to set standards nationwide to ensure voters decide the outcomes of elections.” He also provided a link to an Op-Ed he wrote for FOX News, discussing how trust in the voting process can be restored among Americans.

In the article, Senator Scott slammed Democrats, accusing them of having “created an electoral system that Americans believe is not fair.”

Scott warned that “this is not what America is about, and now more than ever, we have to work to protect the integrity of our elections and then make changes necessary to preserve our democracy.”

The Florida Senator then went on to assess how each state handled the voting process, making a distinction between several of the swing states and the sunshine state.

In terms of his VOTER Act, Scott assured that it “would ensure the security, reliability and orderly conduct of elections by creating nationwide standards for vote-by-mail systems,” adding that “VOTER ID is an important part of that, and states should not allow same-day voter registration, which is a recipe for fraud.”

Finally, Scott asserted that his “VOTER Act also protects the integrity of federal elections with fraud prevention measures and requires all eligible ballots to be counted and reported within 24 hours after polls close on Election Day to promote certainty in the outcome of a federal election.”

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