Rubio says Biden trying to co-opt Trump's Venezuela policy

Rubio says Biden trying to co-opt Trump's Venezuela policy

Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
October 6, 2020

After former Vice President Joe Biden’s (D) trip to South Florida to rally support, Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) shared his own thoughts on Fox and Friends, discussing Vice President Biden’s policy proposals towards both Venezuela and Cuba.

“On the issue of Venezuela, he’s basically describing the Trump policy, except Trump’s actually done it,” said Senator Rubio, adding that Biden is proposing “more sanctions – that’s what we’ve done – crippling sanctions.”

He shared that Biden is now expressing “support for Democratic actors” when “the President of the United States was the first world leader to recognize the interim president Juan Guaido, and then all of these other countries followed.”

The Florida lawmaker who has been critical of the Communist regimes in both Venezuela and Cuba noted that Biden’s “acting like when the Obama policies were in place they were closer to democracy.” Rubio expressed that “all of the things he just criticized were in place when the Obama policies that he supports – and I imagine that’s what he means by different policy,  going back to the Obama policies.”

South Florida is home to a number of Cuban and Venezuelan exiles who have fled their countries because of their respective Communist regimes, but a recent poll shows that Vice President Biden has gained a number of support in the state that President Trump (R) won in the 2016 presidential election. If the President is to win the election in the upcoming November general election, he would once again need the support of Florida and its 29 electoral college votes.

In making a distinction between both candidates, Senator Rubio detailed that “here’s the only difference or the biggest difference. When Obama was president, the Cuban regime was making a. lot of money off of tourism… because of the economic opening that Obama put in place and Biden supported.”

Moreover, “on Venezuela, I think he’s going to tally cave and collapse.” Rubio asserted that “that’s why both in Caracas and in Havana, the dictators are hoping that Joe Biden wins and Donald Trump loses” because “it’s their only way forward and that’s what they’re hoping is going to happen in this election.”

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Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina

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