Kamala Harris Laughs When Asked If She Has A ‘Socialist’ Perspective

Kamala Harris Laughs When Asked If She Has A ‘Socialist’ Perspective

Mona Salama
Mona Salama
October 26, 2020

Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris burst out laughing while giving an exaggerated response on 60 minutes Sunday when she was asked if she would bring her “socialist or progressive perspective” into a Biden administration after being told that she is considered the “most liberal United States Senator.”

“You’re very different in the policies you’ve supported in the past,” 60 minutes host Norah O’Donnell asked Harris, “You’re considered the most liberal United States Senator.”

“Somebody said that, actually it was Mike Pence on the debate stage,” Harris responded while laughing.

“Well actually that nonpartisan GovTrack has rated you as the most liberal senator you supported the Green New Deal, you supported Medicare for All, you supported legalizing marijuana. Joe Biden doesn’t support those things. So are you going to bring the policies, those progressive policies that you supported as senator into a Biden administration,” O’Donnell went to ask the vice-presidential nominee.

“What I will do, which is what Joe wants me to do, is share my lived experience to any issue that we confront,” Harris said in response and I promised, Joe that I will give him that perspective and always be honest with him,” Harris said.

“Is that a socialist or progressive perspective?” asked O’Donnell, to which Harris began bursting out laughing loud again while responding, “No, No.”

“It is the perspective of a woman who grew up a black child in America, who was also a prosecutor, who also has a mother who arrived here at the age of 19 from India, who also likes hip hop,” Harris added. 

“Like, what do you wanna know?” Harris continued.

“I want to give you the opportunity to address this because, at the Republican National Convention, President Trump made the case that Joe Biden is going to be nothing more than a Trojan horse for socialist policies for the left-wing of the Democratic Party. Are you going to push those policies when your vice president,” O’Donnell pressed Harris further on the matter.

“I am not going to be confined to Donald Trump’s definition of who I or anybody else is. And I think Americans learned that that would be a mistake,” Harris responded. 

“I would not have joined the ticket if I didn’t support what Joe was proposing,” Harris added. “And so our plan includes expanding on everything that Joe together with President Obama created with the Affordable Care Act.”

The California Senator also couldn’t stop her laughter throughout her segment of the 60 minutes interview. When asked by O’Donnell if she believed the president was racist, Harris responded “Yes, I do,” while also laughing in her response.

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Mona Salama

Mona Salama