FIU Poll: Majority of Floridian Cubans Support And Will Vote For Trump
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FIU Poll: Majority of Floridian Cubans Support And Will Vote For Trump


A majority of Cuban Americans in South Florida support President Trump and are planning to vote for him in November, according to the latest Florida International University poll released Friday.

According to the FIU Cuba Poll, it found that 59 percent of registered Cuban American voters will vote for Trump next month, compared to only 25 percent who intend to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Only ten percent of all registered voters currently remain undecided, with the majority of those are being independent voters. 

“Cubans remain a majority Republican ethnic group and like the majority of Republicans throughout the country, they are supportive of President Trump and his administration’s approach to governing,” Guillermo Grenier, the primary sponsor of the poll said. “He receives high marks on handling all of the measured key national issues as well as his handling of Cuba policy and will receive a strong majority of the Cuban-American vote on Election Day.”

A total of 1,002 randomly selected Cuban Americans, primarily in Miami-Dade County were polled from July 7 to Aug. 17. The breakdown of Cuban American voter registration polled was 53 percent were Republicans, 23 percent were registered Democrats and 24 percent being registered as Independents. 

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Out of the 53 percent registered Republicans, it found that 76 percent of those voters arrived in the United States between 2010 and 2015 compared to 67 percent of those who arrived prior to 1959.

“It is a natural attraction for those people who come and want to feel part of the community, who want to feel empowered,” Grenier said. “Historically, the Republican Party has been better at talking to Cubans than the Democratic Party.”

The economy and health care remain the two most important national issues for Cuban Americans. 

On the handling of key issues, respondents were asked to independently rank the importance of six policies related to the economy, health care, race relations, immigration, Cuba, and China policies. The economy and health care were considered to be the two most important issues for Cuban Americans across all age groups, migration cohorts, and political party registration. 

The economy ranked the most important policy concern among all respondents. Over 80 percent of the respondents polled in total  “strongly” (65 percent) or “somewhat” (15 percent) endorse Trump’s handling of the economy. Despite the coronavirus pandemic causing an impact on the current conditions of the economy, Cuban-Americans overwhelmingly believe the president is doing a good job when it comes to economic policy. Among those who strongly support Trump’s handling of the economy, 85 percent were registered Republicans, 58 percent being registered Independent and 24 percent registered Democrats.

Regarding President Trump’s handling of health care policy, 67 percent of the respondents in total “strongly” (44 percent) or “somewhat” (23 percent) support the President’s approach. A breakdown of voter registration from respondents found that 61 percent of Republicans, 40 percent of Independents, and eight percent of Democrats strongly support Trump’s handling of health care.

Despite being often criticized in other polls, when polled on Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, he received high marks from Cuban Americans. The poll found 65 percent of Cuban Americans in total “strongly” (42 percent) or “somewhat” (23 percent) support the President’s handling compared to 36 percent in total who somewhat oppose (10 percent) or strongly oppose (26 percent). Registered Republicans voiced 59 percent who strongly support Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis. Only 27 percent of independents and 10 percent of Democrats were said to strongly support the president’s handling of the coronavirus.

On the rest of key issues of national importance, Trump still received high marks including 64 percent supporting the president’s handling of immigration, 55 percent support the way that President Trump has handled race relations issues during his term as well supporting his handling of national protests. Regarding Cuba policy, 66% of Cuban-Americans in South Florida support the President’s handling of Cuba policy in general. Trump’s also received high marks on his handling of China policy, with 71 percent found that they support the president.

Mona Salama