Biden Finally Responds To Court-Packing Question: 'I'm not a fan of court packing'

Biden Finally Responds To Court-Packing Question: 'I'm not a fan of court packing'

Mona Salama
Mona Salama
October 13, 2020

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, who has avoided for weeks answering the question regarding packing the Supreme Court has finally responded Monday evening, saying he is "not a fan" of this proposal. 

"I've already spoken on — I'm not a fan of court-packing. But I'm not — I don't want to get off on that whole issue,” Biden said during an interview with Cincinnati local WKRC-TV. "I want to keep focused."

Biden added that President Trump "would love nothing better than to fight about whether or not I would in fact pack the court or not pack the court."

He then went on to criticize Trump for trying to get Judge Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to the high court just three weeks before Election Day. 

"That's the court-packing the public should be focused on," Biden said. "The focus is why is he doing what he's doing now? Why now with less than 24 days to go until the election?"

Biden for weeks has refused to answer this question, on whether he would respond to Trump’s nomination of Barrett by adding more justices to the court if elected president. Prior to winning the nomination, Biden has expressed opposition to adding justices on the high court, calling the issue a "political football."

Last week Biden told reporters in Phoenix that they "will know my opinion on court-packing when the election is over."

The next day during a campaign stop in Las Vegas, the former Vice President was asked again the same question, with the local reporter telling Biden this topic is one of the top issues viewers keep asking about the past few days.

"Well, you've been asked by the viewers who are probably Republicans who don't want me continuing to talk about what they are doing to the court right now," Biden retaliated in his response to  KTNV.

"Only because you guys are fascinated with it," Biden added. "We're still focusing on what this is all about. This is all about taking away people’s insurance."

Trump has capitalized on his rival sidestepping the question for weeks, saying if Biden were to win the presidency, he would under the influence of the progressive wing of his party would seek to expand the number of justices as retaliation for Barrett confirmation.

Mona Salama

Mona Salama

Mona Salama is a political reporter for The Floridian covering Congress, the White House and Congressional elections.

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