McCaul Campaign Releases New Ad Highlighting Mike Siegel Touting Communist Sympathies

McCaul Campaign Releases New Ad Highlighting Mike Siegel Touting Communist Sympathies

Mona Salama
Mona Salama
August 12, 2020

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) released a new campaign ad highlighting his Democratic opponent, Mike Siegel as a radical candidate reluctant to denounce the Chinese Communist Party amid the coronavirus pandemic while touting himself as a “red-diaper baby” and likened his parents’ to communist revolutionaries.

“The Chinese Communist Party unleashed a pandemic on the world. But Mike Siegel still defends the communist regime,” the narrator says in the 30-second ad titled ‘Red Diaper Baby.’ “Proud of communism. Praise for Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. No wonder Mike Siegel won’t denounce China’s communist regime.”

“I’m here as a proud red diaper baby… and I would say in our family, my mom’s the Che, and my dad’s the Fidel,” Siegel says in the clip.

In 2014, Siegel in a speech that has recently resurfaced honored his parents by comparing them to Che Guevara and Fidel Castro and said he was proud to be a “red-diaper baby” — a phrase used by children of parents affiliated with the United States Communist Party.

“If I had to describe my parents as political figures, I would borrow from the Cuban Revolution, and I would say in our family my mom’s the Che and my dad’s the Fidel,” Siegel said in a speech given at the National Lawyers Guild. “But, I want to say that I’m here as a proud red diaper baby.”

In a statement announcing the ad, McCaul campaign manager said Siegel is a “California comrade” running in Texas as “the most radical candidate in the entire country.”

“California comrade Mike Siegel professes an ideology of extremism that knows no bounds. Siegel’s celebration of murderous, communist revolutionaries is objectionable and his failure to condemn the authoritarian regime in China is hypocrisy at its finest,” McCaul’s Campaign Manager Evan Albertson said in a statement. “Mike Siegel is running for Congress as the most radical candidate in the entire country on a platform that would fundamentally reshape the way of life enjoyed by millions of Texans.” 

Siegel, a civil rights attorney is running on a progressive agenda, including the Green New Deal, Defund the Police proposals, “Medicare for All” healthcare system, and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. He’s been endorsed by progressive Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)

Last month, Signal won the Democratic primary runoff to once again face McCaul in the general election. In 2018, the progressive Democrat fell to the eight-term incumbent representing in the 10th Texas Congressional district by 4 points. In 2016, President Trump won the district by almost nine points.

The Cook Political Report, a nonpartisan election handicapper rates the race as “Lean Republican.”

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Mona Salama

Mona Salama