This Is The Most Important Election of Our Lifetime!

This Is The Most Important Election of Our Lifetime!

July 27, 2020

By Fran Flynn

The problem is: Most Americans don’t know what they don’t know! America is under attack from within. We have been infiltrated by Radical Sharia-compliant Islamist and Chinese/Russian Communists that hate us and want to bring our country to its knees!  And they are using our civil rights laws against us to accomplish it.

They want the total subjugation of the American people. If we want to survive as a free nation for our children and grandchildren we must ALL fight this invasion together as a UNITED country. We must stand up and speak out! I urge EVERY American patriot to speak to their children, their neighbors, their co-workers, and their families and have an HONEST conversation about the unnamed war we are currently engaged in America.  In order to do that YOU MUST BE EDUCATED on the facts!

I repeat: These Islamists want total subjugation of the American people and the Democrats are ON THEIR SIDE!  We must get all of these RADICAL DEMOCRATS out of Congress!  This is why they want to take our guns-(HR 5717)...AND MAKE NO MISTAKE-THE MEDIA AND THE SOCIAL MEDIA MONOPOLY ARE COMPLICIT!

The solution is: EDUCATE YOURSELF! In order to educate yourself please read the following books-all are available on
1-Stealth Invasion-Muslim conquest through immigration and resettlement Jihad by Leo Hohmann
2-The Naked Communist-exposing communism and restoring freedom by W. Cleon Skouson
3-Trust Me, I’m Lying-Confessions of a media manipulator by Ryan Holiday
4-Why Meadow Died by Andrew Pollock

Also, PLEASE RESEARCH THE REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT PROGRAM! I assure you, you will be shocked at the benefits these refugees are getting at taxpayer expense while our veterans remain neglected. Recently, Nancy Pelosi did her “jujitsu“ to get $350 million into the CARES Act in order to promote this program BEFORE she would sign relief for the suffering American people!  Florida representatives Ted Deutch, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Lois Frankel, and Frederica Wilson ALL stood with Pelosi on this! Follow the money… Look at the organizations that are making millions of dollars off of American taxpayers to place these people in strategic locations in order to flip the states for the DemoCommies!

RESEARCH OBAMA’S PROMISE PROGRAM which led to the terrible tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas!

Republicans, Democrats, and Independents please get together to save our country!  Vote the Treasonous Democrats out of office now! 

While President Trump may not have the best bedside manner, HE IS A TRUE PATRIOT and wants to save our country and our Constitution. I proudly stand with him and I’m willing to fight to protect our freedoms and the prosperity and success of American families and businesses!  I am running for Congress in Florida district 22.  I will stand up and fight against this invasion, the violence against Americans, and the occupation of our great cities.

Where are the water cannons? They can break up these crowds and occupations of American cities quickly with little injury to the ‘peaceful demonstrators’ intent on the total destruction of our great cities and the American way of life! Please help as much as you can. Now is NOT the time to stay the silent majority!

Vote Fran Flynn on August 18, 2020, in the Republican primary Florida district 22.

God Bless America!
Phil 2:3-4

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