Figlesthaler evens congressional playing field, posts $500K raised

Figlesthaler evens congressional playing field, posts $500K raised

Javier Manjarres
Javier Manjarres
February 1, 2020

In just a couple of month , Urologist Wiliam Figlesthaler has raised over $125K for his congressional race in Florida’s 19th district and poured another $400k of his own cash to catapult him to the very top of the field of Republican candidates.

With the capability to completely self-fund his campaign, “Dr. Fig” could be considered the frontrunner in the contested GOP primary race.

Dr. Fig told The Floridian that even though he could self-fund, he was going to focus on fundraising. Just last month, Figlesthaler told us that he was able to raise over $100K from just a handful of friends and family. 

Depending on how much state Rep. Byron Donald’s posts after his first campaign reporting cycle that ends on March 31, the race to replace Rep. Francis Rooney could boil down to Figlesthaler, Dane Eagle,  Ford O’Connell, and possibly Donalds.

Florida House Majority Leader Dane Eagle is right behind Figlesthaler in money raised with $422K, as is O’Connell who posted $300K. But even these two candidates and Donalds post another$200-300 each in the next reporting cycle, Figlesthaler looks to be able to keep pace with them, not to mention stroke an even bigger check to his campaign.

Figlesthaler believes that this race is really only between him and Rep. Eagle and appears ready to spend what is necessary to advance his message and bash Eagle along the way.

Dr. Fig told The Floridian that his year-end fundraising numbers were "exactly what we would expect," adding that "Dane Eagle has made a career out of selling his votes to special interest groups."

"My campaign will continue to garner the support of actual leaders and business people who have helped build and shape our community," said Figlesthaler "Meanwhile, I stand ready to match Dane Eagle and his Constitution-trampling friends dollar for dollar.”

Figlesthaler could soon be getting congressional help. Rep. Neal Dunn (R) told The Floridian that he would be supporting Dr. Fig. Dunn is a retired urologist as well.



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Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres

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