Governor Scott Announces Senate Run
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Governor Scott Announces Senate Run


Florida Governor Rick Scott went live on Facebook to announce that he’s indeed running for the Senate, and he assures that it’s to do the same thing that he’s done for the sunshine state as it’s Governor. The goal is to have “Washington works for us,” and he’ll be facing Democratic Senator Bill Nelson, the only statewide elected Democrat. The race is expected to be closely watched and one of the most important races this upcoming midterm election cycle has to offer.

Moments after making the announcement on Facebook, the outgoing sunshine state Governor released his first ad as a Senate candidate titled “Let’s Get to Work!” In it, he explains that “8 years ago today, I did something that everyone told me not to do – I announced that I was running for Governor of Florida.” He details that what made him a good Governor is that he “never played by the political rules in Tallahassee.”

He explains that “It’s time to shake that place up,” referring to Washington. In addition, he notes that “We don’t need another politician in Washington. It’s full of politicians, and that’s why it’s broken.”

He highlights his focus on job creation because of the upbringing he had, pointing that he didn’t know his father, his mom had to work two jobs and his adopted dad “had a sixth grade education and struggled to find work.” But, it’s these things that instilled a good work ethic in him.

And, this is why he says “It’s time to make Washington get to work.”

The advertisement can be seen below:

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