Putnam Calls for DeSantis to Return Donation Money From “Questionable Businessman”

Putnam Calls for DeSantis to Return Donation Money From “Questionable Businessman”


As Congressman Ron DeSantis surges in the polls, donation money he received from a questionable businessman has been brought to light.
Ahmad “Andy” Khawaja is the CEO of Allied Wallet, a California-based e-commerce website. One client of theirs is a debt collector that demanded payments from people that never received loans, which includes porn sites, a phone-sex business and an offshore gambling company.
Ahmad donated $113,000 to the DeSantis campaign and $10,000 to a political action committee that is aligned with the congressman.
In a press release on Friday, Meredith Beatrice, a spokeswoman for Putnam, commented that “DeSantis continues to accept contributions from seedy swamp liberal donor Ahmad Khawaja. With disturbing new information revealed about Mr. Khawaja, it would be in the Congressman’s best interest to disavow his top liberal donor and return the $213,000 in contributions.”
The DeSantis campaign has not responded to the call.
In addition, Putnam’s campaign released a 30-second advertisement titled Betrayal, dubbing the congressman “D.C. DeSantis.” In the advertisement, congressman DeSantis is called a hypocrite, and certain acts are highlighted such as DeSantis voting alongside Obama to raise the debt ceiling, contributing to raising sales tax in Florida by 2.3% and also contributing to cuts in social security.

The advertisement can be seen below:

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