Philip Levine Releases ad Highlighting Opposition to NRA and President Trump

Philip Levine Releases ad Highlighting Opposition to NRA and President Trump


In a new advertisement released on Friday, Democratic gubernatorial candidate and former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine stresses his opposition to the NRA and President Trump.

The advertisement comments that “Despite the shooting deaths of 17 people in Parkland, despite the pleas of parents, Donald Trump promised the NRA he’s with them all the way. Philip Levine felt that we had to stop the violence now, demanding Florida pass the toughest gun safety laws in the nation. As Governor and as a parent, Philip Levine will take on the NRA, or anyone who stands in our way.”

Christian Ulvert, senior adviser of the Levine campaign, notes that “As Donald Trump hand-picks Rick Scott’s successor for Governor, the state of Florida needs a leader with a proven record of fighting back and standing up when it counts. We cannot let Trump and the NRA rule our state—we can’t stand by while our state’s gun laws remain some of the loosest in the nation.”

Ulvert adds that “As a proud Moms Demand Action Gun-Sense Candidate, who received an F-grade from the NRA, and the only candidate for Governor who fought to ban assault rifles while in office, Philip Levine is the fighter we need to pass the toughest gun reform in the nation. He’s the candidate who does more than talk, he has a record of action that speaks for itself.”

Daniel Molina

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